“Monday 5 Things”™….. Moments, Part Deux …..

Dsc 8152 1Photo: D. Paul Graham, Muse Concert, F1 after-race party, Abu Dhabi, circa 2013

“Monday 5 Things”™….. Moments, Partie Deux …..

Call them epiphanies, kismet, destiny, revelation, or providence. Moments that we’ve all had. Moments that awaken us. Moments that shake us into action. Moments of indecision. Moments that we chose to ignore. Moments that we treasure. Moments of elation. Moments of pride. Moments we don’t ever want to forget. Moments that we wish we could forget. Moments of revelation of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Moments of ignominy. Moments that we embrace. Today’s M5T shares some of my moments. What are some of your moments?

1. Life Paths.

Those moments when I realized I needed to be the dog, and not the tail. The chess player and not the chess piece. Those moments of strength and satisfaction found in thinking for myself. Moments of confidence in forging my own path, avoiding the crowd, and the peace found in having time alone to recharge.

2. Directions Taken.

Those moments when I made decisions and turned, reformed, or reversed direction in life. That moment, as an eight-year-old, when I punched a bully in the nose because I’d had enough. All those moments of deliberate life choices, both good and bad, that have made me the man I am today. Those moments of being hurt and crying deeply, so deeply, that I thought the pain would never end. Those moments of laughing raucously, without restraint, until my stomach spasmed.

3. Faith & Eternity.

That moment when I realized the profound cost of the love that Christ has for us all.

4. Words and Art.

Those moments when I realized the power of the words, “I’m sorry”, “no”, “yes”, “forgive me”, “sensual”, “unconditional”, “integrity” and “I love you”. Those moments of being deeply moved by music, art, literature and appreciating the gift of inspiration imparted from teachers and muses.

5. Self.

That moment when I realized just how comfortable I am with who I am. Those moments of appreciating the blessing of learning from failures and understanding the temporal and fleeting nature of success. That moment when I said, I’m done, I’m finished. Those moments of saying I will not give in or give up. Those moments of clarity to focus on priorities rather than distractions and the delight of knowing and loving true friends.

Here’s to embracing your moments past and to creating, experiencing, and simply being in the moment this week leading up to the holidays. I wish you, and your family a most blessed and Merry Christmas!

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