“Monday 5 Things” ™…..Labor or Labour?…..

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“Monday 5 Things” ™…..Labor or Labour?…..

As we wake up on this Labo(u)r day Monday, it’s hard to believe it’s September already. Today is a day to celebrate our work, to relax, to take a breath and get ready for Thanksgiving. This morning’s M5T pops open a cold one, gets the grill ready and, with a somewhat tongue in cheek missive, gives a nod to the first holiday of the fall.

1. The Start.

Labour Day has its origins in Canada in 1872 that started with a parade in support of a strike against the 58-hour work week. Personally, I’d like to cut back to working just 58 hours a week, but I digress. Americans followed suit in 1882 because “those damn Canadians just got another holiday” and took out the ‘u’ as Americans are want to do.

2. The Season.

In Canada, today marks the day to close-up the cottage, stack up the wood, get the dogs ready for the sled, restring the snow shoes, and wax the skis to get ready for winter. In the South, it’s time to put away white pants and sear sucker suits, decide if it’s still too hot to put the convertible top down, and be thankful the humidity has started to break. On both sides of the border, the pressure to lose those pesky Covid pounds to fit into your summer bathing suit is officially over.

3. The Bovines & Ale.

It’s not a good day for cows or for your liver. More beef will be consumed on grills and BBQ’s than any other day of the year, except for the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Clearly people are hydrating more on Labor Day which has more beer sales than Memorial Day. According to the Beer Institute (yeah, it’s an institute), between Memorial Day and Labor Day, consumption of assorted cans and bottles of redneck wine, brewski’s, pre-pee, hops scotch, and/or liquid courage, make up almost 11% of the $100 billion dollars of beer that will be consumed this year in the US. On Saturday, Canadians stocked up on cases of far better beer, usually in the form of multiple “Two-Fours”, from a government corporation profoundly called “The Beer Store”.

4. The Dawgs.

Speaking of drinking beer, this past weekend, the Georgia Bulldogs took on the Clemson Tigers in the annual Duke Mayo Classic in Charlotte NC. Tens of thousands rabid fans were at tailgate parties wishing they were part of the 75,000 people at Memorial Stadium on Saturday. The Dawgs are undefeated this year (ok it was the season opener) with an impressive 10-3 win over the Orange Paws. Both teams labored for the $100 million economic impact that the game had for the city of Charlotte.

5. The Day.

Labor day is a day to celebrate workers… I’m concerned that there appears to be a movement toward replacing this day with “I’m Unemployed and Don’t Care if I Ever Work Again as Long as Someone Else Pays Day”. Did I just say that out loud?

Here’s to a day to catch your breath, have some dogs and burgers washed down by a cleansing ale and to celebrate our collective labo(u)rs. Cheers to you!

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