Monday 5 Things™…..Flight Paths…..

Xpr31750Photo: D. Paul Graham / “Flight Paths”, Hartsfield International Terminal B, circa 2021

Monday 5 Things™…..Flight Paths…..

Rather than cram myself into the Plane Train with far too many fellow travelers, I decided to walk between terminals last week at Hartsfield International. I had forgotten about the beautiful piece of art called “Flight Paths” in the people-mover tunnel between terminal A and B. I stopped in my tracks. My eyes took in the explosion of color of the tree canopy overhead and my ears listened to the sounds of a rainstorm and thirty-one species of birds. No one else stopped; few even seemed to register the beauty that they were strolling through. Most had their necks bent downward, faces illuminated by a phone. The art was a sight perhaps all too familiar to those that travel often while others simply missed the experience because they took the train. I was reminded of Emerson who wrote, “if the stars should appear but one night every thousand years, how man would marvel and adore.”  Emerson prompts us to question of how much more time would we take for perspective if the most beautiful of things and people weren’t so often right in front of us. M5T takes flight this week by considering some perspective in our lives.

1. Some Flavor.

We are all called to be salt, to enhance flavor to those we meet. Even if for a brief moment in time. How salty will you be today?

2. Some Silence.

At some point today present yourself the gift of being still. Actively seek out some silence to simply quieten your thoughts and give yourself some peace.

3. Some Contemplation.

Take a moment to look behind you to see where you have come from. To look up to see where your strength comes from. To look beside you to see who is with you and to look ahead to see where you are going.

4. Some Deliberation.

Be deliberate and disciplined in all you do. Live deliberately and purposefully. Love thoughtfully and attentively. The older I get, the more I appreciate that the areas in my life where I am most satisfied and fulfilled are those things that took the most discipline and patience to accomplish.

5. Some Appreciation.

Take stock of the many blessings you have in your life. Face your fears and difficulties and give thanks for the lessons learned from roadblocks, challenges, detours and failures. Our blessings and difficulties walk the same road, hand in hand. We all have the free choice to be either bitter or thankful. I choose to resolutely live a life of gratitude.

Here’s to a week of your own flight paths of healthy perspective and to marveling at all that is around us.

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