“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. F-Bombs …..

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Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Just Duck It”, circa 2020

“Monday 5 Things”™  ….. F-Bombs …..

On at least two occasions, I’ve written about similar situations. My studio and office are on a busy street in downtown Savannah. Being an early riser, I often am working when, not so uncommonly, inebriated revelers are leaving local bars. Last week I was once again interrupted by a group of soused men and women arguing just below my 2nd floor window. They were loud enough, and used such violent profanity, that if they were texting, every second word would be autocorrected as ‘duck’, I felt obliged to make sure no one was going to get hurt. Thankfully they carried on their separate ways without incident, and I carried on with my morning routine. Recalling a M5T from 6 years ago, this Monday morning I drop some F-Bombs that are far more uplifting, healthier, and less-likely to be autocorrected on my computer.

1. Freedom

Freedom of speech, freedom to think, freedom of individuality, and freedom to choose.

2. Friendship

The shared joy, laughter, and tears. The common interests and values. The significance of time.

3. Failure

The lessons learned and persistence gained. The priorities redefined and the changes of direction that come about because of failure.

4. Fulfilled

The felicity of carrying out a promise, a dream, and discovering and living your inner passions.

5. Forgiveness

The release that comes from being able to forgive others. The healing and sanity regained from forgiving yourself. With grace. With empathy. With sincerity.

Here’s to a week of language that embodies positive f-bombs.

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