Monday 5 Things…..Convergence…..

Dsc 1605 1 CopyPhoto: D. Paul Graham / Church in Coimbra Portugal circa 2017

Monday 5 Things…..Convergence…..

A few years ago, as we drew near Good Friday, there was a great image circulating online. It was a head, half of which wore a crown of thorns, the other half a crown of gold. The caption said, “A lot can change in three days.” I once again find myself preoccupied with the convergence of God’s plan and promises fulfilled.

1. A Manger to a Tomb.

From a babe in a manger to a cross on Golgotha. From swaddling wrap to empty grave clothes. From a miraculous birth to victory over the sting of death.

2. Highs to Lows.

From the jubilant shouts of “Hosanna in the Highest” to the deepest darkest descent into hell itself. From the enigmatic heaviness of loss to the elation of new hope. From the most holy act of love at a cost we can never fully grasp.

3. A Street and a Cross.

From a stauros dragged through Via Dolorosa toward His crucifixion only to be mocked by the crowds. His mother weeping at at the foot of the cross as He hung in the most excruciating and humiliating of ways, yet He remained to bear the weight of the sin of the world.

4. Tears and a Plan.

From tears of blood shed from the profound loneliness of feeling forgotten by His Father and spikes that bound bloodied hands and feet to using the last of His strength and breath to claim with authority the words “Father forgive them” and “It is finished”.

5. A Beginning to an End to Eternity.

From the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning to the end, the patient One who asks that we simply believe and in turn receive everlasting life because He died….. for us.

I am brought to tears realizing how I so easily take for granted the price that He paid. Eternal convergence took place in those three days. On this Easter Monday, we can say He is risen indeed. Here’s to a week of having open eyes and open hearts to change this week.

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