“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Controlled …..

Dsc 9877Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Playing in the Rain”, Montreal GP 2023

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. Controlled …..

I think it’s safe to say that your scribe is like a kid at Christmas when I’m on a racetrack. This weekend’s Ferrari Challenge and F1 races in Montreal were no exception. Poutine, Timmies, and Pizza-Pizza slices were but mere bonuses, but I digress. Rains on Friday and Saturday were torrential. It would have been easy to stay under cover, but I continued to roam the paddocks, pits, grandstands, and track. Despite soaked shoes, blistered feet, and drenched cameras, I was grateful to be there to photograph the race weekend; just as happy in the rain than I would be in sunshine. We are afforded up-close and personal vantage points during Ferrari Challenge races. This weekend had a different edge of excitement as I wandered amongst F1 teams as their crews prepared their cars for Sunday’s race. Racing is about control. Controlled preparation by the entire team in the paddock. Controlled readiness in the pits. Controlled data that is sliced, diced, and analyzed in an effort to improve time on the track by mere seconds that can lead to a spot on the podium. Controlled communications between drivers, coaches, and mission control. Controlled emotions by the drivers as they strap in and push their personal limits on the track. This morning’s M5T takes control to start the week.

1. Controlled Thoughts.

We all know, intellectually at least, that our thoughts control our outlook on life, and how we truly feel about ourselves. Control how you talk to yourself. Control the negative thoughts and replace them with positivity. Challenge your limiting beliefs about yourself. Take a moment to take a breath, a deep breath. Suppress your negative voice and control how you talk to yourself in a way that allows you to bring your full potential to the forefront of your mind.

2. Controlled Words.

You can control how you speak with and about others. Speaking kindly, positively, affirmingly, and constructively builds people up, and strengthens your relationships. See also M5T #1 above.

3. Controlled Deeds.

How often do we stress about the things we can’t control? We can however control the actions that we take in those situations. It is a certainty that you will face challenges today. Those challenges may be ones that have been ongoing for some time or that will catch you totally by surprise today. Control your actions to those challenges. Recognize what you can control and let go of what you can’t. Focus on your strengths in responding to difficult moments. At all times, control and guard your mission in life, your reputation, and your integrity.

4. Controlled Priorities.

Control where you spend your time and who you spend your time with. Focus on the most important people in your life. Choose wisely the people you surround yourself with, who you allow into your inner circle, and who you trust and share your dreams with. Limit or remove the time and effort spent with drama kings and queens and those that are toxic. Their problems are theirs, not yours. Control when you say yes. Control when you say no to others. Control the information that you consume and who you choose to seek advice from.

5. Controlled Attitudes.

Your attitude is controlled by you and only you. Your attitude can make or break your day, your week, your month, your life. Take control and responsibility for your attitude, your perspective, your situation in life. Your attitude controls your effort, your reflection, your response to circumstances, and ultimately how you define success for yourself. Choosing to have an attitude of gratefulness controls how reflective and thoughtful you are, the type of friend you are, and the way you love others. Control the desire to focus on quick-fix solutions brought on by short-term emotions and replace those with a broader and deeper focus on the long term, the big picture, and ultimately how you choose the kind of life that you want.

Here’s to healthy, unwavering, and determined control in all that you undertake this week.

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