Monday 5 Things™…..Cogitare Iterum…..

500 6514Photo: D. Paul Graham / Somewhere in the Sonoma mountains circa 2021

Monday 5 Things™…..…..Cogitare Iterum…..

Time away for the past few days on the sunny left coast gave me time to just think, to pray and to be thankful for so much. My minds wandering reminded me of M5T from a few years ago that gave me pause to think and share again.

Take a moment as you wrap your hands around your favorite bit of ceramic – inhaling the aroma that is like no other – then take that first sip of jitter juice. And pause. Cogitare; Latin for think. Today’s M5T postulates on cogitating, deliberating, pondering, musing, ruminating, mediating, considering, and reflecting. Thinking. On this Monday, before the world comes rudely hurtling in on you, take just a moment to think.

1. Think big.

If you think about it (sorry about that) all big ideas come from a kernel of a single thought that grows to such a point that you either ignore it, letting it die, or continue nourishing the thought and move toward achieving your goals and objectives. Thinking big takes time. Thinking big requires understanding yourself and having a foundation of reality. Make thinking big a habit, a part of each day. Use thinking big to unleash your dreams, your potential. It’s not all or nothing, nor is it go big or go home. Thinking big requires following up with action, intention, and focus.

2. Think for yourself.

Think challengingly, critically, and ceaselessly. Reason from the basis of first principles, basic assumptions that can’t be reduced any further. Question. Everything. Ask questions that others don’t. Define truth. There are never multiple truths that are diametrically opposed, the truth is the truth. Don’t let others – especially the media – define what you believe. Discern, so that you won’t be swayed to compromise or acquiesce to others. Thinking for yourself requires that you know who you are, you actively seek to be well informed, you can be flexible, teachable. Know your biases to be able to admit when you are wrong and be prepared to alter your thinking when necessary.

3. Think of possibilities.

Possibilities for your daily objectives and tasks. To think outside the box, within the box, or even, gasp, without a box. Stretch your imagination. Focus on ways you can continuously improve. Expand your vision. Innovate. Look where no one else is looking. Keep your to-do lists smaller to allow room for the bigger issues in your life. Stop procrastinating. Know what you like, and where possible, stop doing what you dislike. What do you need in this moment, this month, this year to make those thought-of possibilities realities? Look for hidden possibilities of potential. Stop thinking in black and white – throw some color into your thoughts and possibilities.

4. Think without guilt.

Stop beating yourself up and dwelling on the negative. See #5 below. Know who you are and where you want to be in life. Be direct, open, and honest with yourself. Practice gratitude and make it a habit each day to recognize what you are blessed with and grateful for. Recognize that it’s OK to focus on your dreams, your life, your needs. Don’t try to motivate yourself with guilt. Don’t use your thinking time to worry. The adage of “paralysis through analysis” can be a black hole to thinking.

5. Think positively.

Think about the solution to overcome any obstacle, challenge or set-back that you face. Thinking positively creates energy and confidence, for yourself and for those around you. Train your brain to pay attention to the positive rather than the negative. Use positive words in your thoughts; can, will, advance, succeed, chose, decide, solved. Positive thoughts that block negativity. Thinking positively helps recognize opportunities. Celebrate your successes, don’t downplay them. Accentuate your positive emotions with other positive thinking people. Gravitate toward the Tigger’s in life not the Eeyore’s.

Here’s to a week of positive thoughts, positive people, and positive living. 

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