“Monday 5 Things”™…..Ch-Ch Changes…..

20170310 00603 S 17apffgbh80603Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Caledon Change of Season” circa 1984

“Monday 5 Things”™…..Ch-Ch Changes…..

Thin strands of brilliant orange and yellow integrated with the opulent indigo of a cool Georgian fall sunrise, gradually changed the starry night sky, filled my rear-view mirror to start the morn. I added to the chromatic eruption of color by singing along at the top of my lungs with Bowie on Spotify whilst driving from SAV to ATL.

“Strange fascinations fascinate me / Ah, changes are taking / The pace I’m goin’ through / ch-ch-ch-ch changes / Turn and face the strange / ch-ch changes” ~ ‘Changes’ by a guy named Tom, Ziggy, or simply, Bowie.

I challenge you to not have that song in your head all day as M5T considers positive changes in our lives.

1. Change of Perspective.

Look around you. Look behind you. Look up. Look down. Notice what surrounds you. Help someone without expecting anything back. Be grateful for what you have. Act with gratitude. Look for the positive in any situation.

2. Change of Attitude.

Smile. A lot. Laugh. Even more. Consider the other person’s perspective, background, trials and hardships. Tell someone you love them. Surround yourself with upbeat, positive people. Overlook the limitations and foibles of others. Forgive someone for hurting you. Define, shape and implement your idea that you’ve been putting off for too long. Act with a purpose.

3. Change of Location.

Take a stroll. Take a nap. Take some time for you. Turn your phone off. Or perhaps just start by turning your phone over when talking with someone. Walk away from toxic people, activities, and gossip. Find that spot that allows you to pray, to think, to plot, to consider, to just be without distraction or interruption.

4. Change of Mind.

Think of the bigger picture. Focus. Vocalize positive thoughts to yourself. Take small steps every day to shift from negative habits to developing positive behaviors. Encourage innovation. Accept risk. Push through bottlenecks and constraints. Start. Today. Understand what drives you, what excites you, what worries you. Explore. Challenge. Everything.

5. Change of Change.

Make a conscious decision to move out of your comfort zone. Understand and be truthful with things, habits and people you need to change in your life. Believe you can change. Embrace your idiosyncrasies. Learn from your failures. Appreciate and love yourself. Be accountable to someone you trust. Dream with determination. Visualize your endgame. Align both and engage with tenacity, temerity and without regret. Be flexible with your time, with others and with above all with yourself.

Here’s to a week of being fascinated by fascinations, turning and facing the strange, and your ch, ch, changes at the pace you’re goin’ through!

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