“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. C Words Considered …..

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“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. C Words Considered …..

I really enjoy sitting back and just watching people wherever I am. I really, really enjoy interloping on other conversations. In fact, many M5T’s come from such observations and listening. However, recently I was aghast to hear a couple arguing in SFO. Loudly. With such anger. Using such foul and violent language. For all to hear. Words spoken to each other that should never have left their lips. At one point an elegant, matronly grandmotherly looking woman stood up and said to them, “That’s enough! You two need to calm down! Either be quiet or move away from here.” It worked. The couple sat down, each pouting, arms crossed. Relief crossed everyone’s face in the gate area. The grandmother sat down and calmly went back to reading a book. I can use more calm. Our world can use more calm. This morning’s M5T considers positive C words that we can all use more of in our lives.

 1. Commit to your dreams

We all have things in our careers, our lives, and our relationships that we would rather not be doing. At those times when you feel like you are on the treadmill, take time to revisit what inspired you in the first place. Remember and recommit. Ask yourself why and at what point you become complacent. Let your dreams speak to you and take steps toward realizing them. Focus, then focus again on where you want to be. Understand what makes you hungry for your goals and dream. Feed them and be relentless in the pursuit of what you want. Believe and be relentless in that pursuit.

2. Center your motivation

Stay in the moment and focus on the positive, your successes and the end result of what you want in your life. Where you are today does not have to dictate where you will be tomorrow. ‘What-ifs’ are toxic, destructive, and counter-productive. Avoid negativity in thought, action, word, and the inevitable pessimism of others. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Give no excuses and never give up.

3. Clarify your priorities

Cleanse your decision making by narrowing your choices down to the most important people and things around you at the time. Too many ‘priorities’ leads to decision fatigue which leads to poor decisions. First and foremost, know and guard the value your time, your effort, and your energy; despite what and where others say you should be focusing on.

4. Cast your fears

Worry is inordinately time consuming. It lowers energy levels and can be oppressive, strangling, and at times paralyzing. Learn to differentiate between worry and legitimate concern, then focus on solutions and actions to those legitimate concerns. Be single-minded on the issues that you can influence and change. Set your mind on the positive realities instead of potential negative outcomes that are unsubstantiated. Pause. Think things through… and just breathe.

5. Celebrate your victories

It is fascinating that we can spend hours beating ourselves up over the smallest of mistakes, yet we overlook and fail to celebrate even small successes. Celebrate. A lot and for good reason. Celebrating reminds you of why you are doing what you are doing; to reward yourself, to reconnect with what is important in life. Practice celebrating, even if you have to celebrate alone. Celebrate pushing through the turmoil of yesterday. Celebrate the good, the blessings and the focus that you have today. Celebrate that you haven’t surrendered, and that you are steadfast in not giving up on what you want in and for your life. Celebrate that you have made changes — small or large — that positively impact your life. Celebrate changed habits, or accomplishments towards your goals or dreams. Find something to celebrate about yourself and your efforts, each and every day.

Whether you’re starting your week with caffeine or chamomile, here’s to a week of calm and positive C’s in your life.

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