“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 5 D’s for a New Year …..

Dsc 5275 1Photo: D. Paul Graham, “Words Through The Ages”, Joanine Library, Coimbra University, circa 2017

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 5 D’s for a New Year …..

As I entered the cavernous gold-clad baroque décor room, thousands upon thousands of books were unveiled to my eyes. Straining my neck as I looked up to the row after row of volumes after volumes, I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes. The musky smell of centuries of pedagogics of literature, knowledge, thought, inventiveness, wisdom, science, law, culture, faith, and history, the very essence of mankind, were before me. Founded in 1290, Coimbra University is one of the oldest in Europe and one of only five in the world listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Joanine Library was a gift to the university from King João V in the early 1700’s. Over 40,000 tomes are protected from insects by small colonies of bats that feast on bugs at night that would otherwise consume the words on pages. Words. If you’ve read M5T over the years, you’ll know that I don’t believe in resolutions. Rather, I start each new year with 5 words that I will try to incorporate and internalize into my life for the year. So, with thanks for the inspiration from King João V, bats, and to you for taking the time to read these words, this morning’s M5T shares my 5 words for 2023.

1. Dare

To dare to practice my passions and to be engaged in all I do. To be authentic, first with myself and then with those in my life. To focus on today without regrets from yesterday. Dare to not only hold fast to my dreams, and possibilities, but to take steps each day toward them. To dare to confront problems and demons head on. To dare to be increasingly generous. To dare to act, to move the needle, to forge a new path, and to think for yourself. Dare to walk away when necessary. Dare to burn a bridge so you can’t go back. Dare to start today.

2. Deeper

To live my faith deeper. To love deeper. To think and reflect deeper to understand the seasons in my life and the yearnings of my heart. To practice deeper and genuine compassion for others. To find deeper strength. To finely tune my BS meter. To listen more intently and to ask deeper questions.

3. Demand

To prioritize my purpose, my so that, for my life. To resolutely reject excuses, superficiality, mediocrity, and procrastination. To demand bold measures, high standards, focus, effort, and raw honesty with myself. To demand that I concentrate on the things I can change and to let go of the things I can’t. To demand respect for your time and your value. To demand personal growth for myself.

4. Desire

I desire to be inspired to be compelled to try new things. To uplift and encourage others in my life. To desire to embrace change, even with failure as a possibility. To seek out adventure. To be more spiritual, more soulful. To be a better man.

5. Delight

To delight in the moment, knowing this moment will become a memory. To delight in discovery and creating. To delight in fostering time spent with those I love. To delight in solitude that recharges my batteries. To nurture the delight of being an unapologetic romantic. To delight in being moved emotionally. To delight in the love shown to me by others. To delight in the mysteries of life. To laugh without restraint. To delight in the beauty of extraordinary, the awesomeness, that is right in front of me. To delight in this New Year and the opportunities yet to be discovered.

Here’s to a wildly successful New Year for you and the words that you build into your life.

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