Monday 5 Things” ™…..5 D’s for a Monday…..

Xpr32552Photo: D. Paul Graham, ‘Scrabbled’ 2021

“Monday 5 Things”™…..5 D’s for a Monday…..

I screamed a two-word expletive at the radio and wanted to pound my head against a wall. I had reached a point of abject aggravation listening to the media talking heads skreiching over themselves. Fortunately, I wasn’t close to a wall and in fact I was driving down Highway 16 enroute to Atlanta; thinking it through, I also realized that banging my head against the steering wheel would not have been a prudent thing to do. Instead, I turned the radio off and listened to the drone of the tires on the highway’s concrete. I started playing alphabetic word games in my head and as I got to D, this morning’s M5T took shape.

1. Decide.

We make countless decisions every day. Some simple and thoughtless, others complicated and deliberate. Decisions frequently become more complex as we age and gain experience. Often, we procrastinate making decisions that ultimately may better our lives.  Making decisions saves us time. Deciding to move forward, to make changes and to shake up our reality, impacts not only our own lives but the people around us. Making decisions cultivates creativity and inspires innovation. Making decisions are crucial for our own improvement. Decisions strengthen our resolve, combats our fears, and vitalizes our self-worth. Decision’s feed other decisions, actions, and dreams. As the advertisement suggests, just do it.

2. Delete.

Delete toxic behavior, activities, and people from your life. Purge your inner voice of complaining, anxiety, self-criticism, gossip and unhealthy pride. Learn from your mistakes and failures and refuse to let them define you. Ruthlessly expunging negativity removes unwanted energy and allows for mental clarity, self-awareness, and direction. Hit the delete button.

3. Decline.

Decline things and people that waste your time, that take your focus away from your dreams. Understand that the opportunity cost of your time should increase every year. Saying no leverages your time. Prioritize what is most important to you. Saying no impacts how people respect you. You have the freedom to say yes to what you want to do and maintain your control. Saying no replaces the urgencies of others with your main concerns. As Nancy said, just say no.

4. Dare.

Dare to take positive risks. Dare to love, to laugh, to sing, to dance. Dare to take different roads. Dare to develop helpful habits. Dare to speak your mind and to take a confident stand. Discover new possibilities and open yourself up to new opportunities, to success and to fulfillment in life. Jettison the dead-end of inaction and finish what you started. I dare you. In fact, I double dare you.

5. Declare.

Boldly declare your faith, your beliefs, your loves, your values. Make those declarations by spoken word and unspoken deeds. Be the spark that turns darkness into light for others. Live a life that declares purpose, direction, and meaning. Empower your voice and know what it means to be equipped and called. And above all, declare truth.

Here’s to a week of D’s in your life.

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