“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 5 by 12 for 60 …..

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“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 5 by 12 for 60 …..

So, it’s the dawn of my sixth decade. I spent some time these past few weeks considering the most important things in my life. The people that I love. The work that I do. The ways in which I spend my time. The depth of my faith. Ten years ago, I wrote down 50 perspectives for my life. Looking back at that period of my life I realize how much has changed in a decade. I confess that at 60, I am more at peace, with better focus, and emotionally healthier than I was then, perhaps more so than any other point in my life. This morning’s M5T, if you will bear with me, shares 60 snippets, personal points of perspectives on life if you would, all wrapped up in 5 Things.

1. Passion Points

Develop your curiosity by asking why – about everything. Create your future. Recreate yourself as needed. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Show your passions – your attitude will always affect those around you. Be the dog, not the tail. Make a difference in the lives of others. Never hold back laughter, tears, or hugs. Recognize your super-power and then use it – it doesn’t have to involve a cape and mask. Passion makes room for change. Consider and live your legacy. Reject mediocrity.

2. Life Points

Live fully. Live without excuses. Live my “So That”. Live my faith. Live joyfully. Live gratefully. Don’t let people, position, or property define you. Never forget where you came from. Mistakes happen – identify them, work to find solutions, but never hide them. Keep listening. God gave us the ratio of two ears to one mouth for a purpose. Get comfortable with solitude – never be worried about seeing a movie alone, dining alone, or taking a long reflective walk by yourself.

3. Matter Points

Love matters. Dreams matter. Grace matters. Seek wisdom above all else. Work with the best people you can. Learn to be a good friend, a good partner, a good lover. Having money doesn’t mean you’re smarter, more attractive, or have better taste than anyone else. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to see in the papers. Always own a tuxedo. Don’t blame others for your own shortcomings. Think for yourself. When you’re with others, be in the moment, be mindful, and manifest positivity.

4. Power Points

Be cognizant of how you use your time. Somewhere, someone is trying to practice longer, work harder, and keep a stronger focus, just to beat you at what you do. Push to the finish line. Understand your weaknesses but focus on your strengths. Prioritize your true needs in life and then live them. The most powerful things in my life are my faith, family, time, energy, and money. I’m too busy not to pray every day – pray until you pray. Refuse to line up and wait behind a velvet rope. No one owes you a thing; work and earn everything you have. Do everything with a sense of urgency. Refuse to be a perfectionist. Act like you belong even if you don’t feel like you do.

5. Thirst Points

Thirst for what is most important to you. Do everything with a sense of purpose and creativity.Consciously set out to learn something new every day. Visualize where you want to be and act on it. Don’t wait – be a person that makes things happen. Read then read some more. Be relentless in your pursuit of truth, honesty, righteousness, veracity, and authenticity. Money doesn’t buy everything, but it does allow for spontaneity. Discover new foods, new cultures, new perspectives. Abhor stasis, foster transformation. Refuse to give up, always. Move out of your comfort zone – growth should not be optional.

Here’s to a week of celebrating your passions, living your life fully, focusing on truly important matters, using your power to its fullest, and to thirsting after the things that allow you to live a fulfilled life.

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