“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 167…..

20181028 850 6688 3Photo: D. Paul Graham, “MTA Motion”, the R Train, Manhattan circa 2018

“Monday 5 Things”™ ….. 167…..

Packing up some folders this week, I came across a note written to myself back in 2018 during a trip to New York.  “For the resolute and determined, there is time and opportunity.” A quote by Emerson that I circled and noted – “Be this guy. Use my time wisely & create opportunities!” So. Here we are on another Monday morning, with 198 days of 2023 behind us, leaving 167 days left in the year. The note-to-self was a good prompt to reflect on what I set out to accomplish this year, what hit the mark, what missed the mark, and what I need focus or refocus on. Today’s M5T considers recalibrating to be resolute and determined for the most effective use of time for the last half of this year.

1. Focused. 

A commitment to stay focused. I need to constantly be aware of what matters the most in my life. I need to choose results over busyness.

2. Growth.

Growth comes from pruning. I need to eliminate negativity, delegate or out-source the things that I am not gifted at or that I loathe doing, and in turn, shape my growth.

3. Resolute.

Do the Nancy. “Just Say No” to anything that doesn’t fit into #1. Saying no gives me the time and freedom to say yes to the things that matter the most in my life.

4. Determined. 

No apologies, regrets, or justifications. I will not settle for second best. When in doubt, see #3.

5. Time & Opportunity.

Fight the FOMO. As tough as it might be, I need to constantly remind myself to put my energy and time into actualizing what does the most good and avoid gormandizing on what just feels like the most good.

Here’s to being resolute and determined to revise, revamp, and reform the use of time for the remainder of this year.

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