Hop Into a Moke From Carolina Rides and Turn Heads

Being on Bluffton time means whipping it in a golf cart—but Carolina Rides has something even better. Cruise around with the top down in a hot-pink Moke.

Bluffton, South Carolina, the biggest little town in the South, is perfect for your next Girls’ weekend. Photos. Ian V. Santiago

Bluffton, South Carolina, the biggest little town in the South, is perfect for your next Girls’ weekend. Nestled beside the pristine waters of the majestic May River, Bluffton is the epitome of Southern grace and rustically refined charm.

Written by: Barry Kaufman/Lauren Flemming • Styled by: Ashley Borders • Photos: Ian Santiago

Along the storied blocks of Calhoun Street, you’ll find the soul of a small town that has stood for generations. Among its lavish storefronts you’ll find a paradise of shopping, dining and relaxation. In short, it was the perfect place to take the Blender Bombs girls for an enchanting day trip.

Once defined as a secluded enclave for quirky artists and oystermen, Bluffton’s evolution over the last few years has transformed it into an iconic getaway blending old-school Southern charm and new-school sophistication. You’ll find tradition here, and stories that go back generations. But you’ll also find boutique stores boasting the latest in refined Southern fashion, restaurants on the vanguard of the South’s culinary renaissance and a renowned sense of hospitality that has made this sleepy town a world-renowned destination.

So when South magazine decided to entertain the girls from Blender Bombs, we couldn’t think of a better spot. With the loan of a decked-out street-legal Moke (hot pink, of course) and a room at the Old Town Bluffton Inn to rest their heads, we set them loose on B-Town with a quest to find the best places to shop, dine and explore. What they found has us ready to plan our own girls’ weekend in Old Town Bluffton. 


Kayla Braun poses with her perfectly coordinated Moke. Wardrobe: Gigi’s of Bluffton. Hair and Makeup: Salon Karma

Moke America Carolina Rides

Everyone in Old Town Bluffton has a golf cart. To truly stand out, hop into a Moke from Carolina Rides and turn heads. Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot-meets-Beach Boys in Moke’s iconic open-air cruiser. More than a standard cart, the Moke is a street-legal low-speed dream machine that offers beautiful style and versatility as you shuttle to your next adventure. 

Our stylist says, “Why would you not want to tour the Lowcountry in pure style? The Moke cars are so cute and allow one to take in the real sights, smells and sounds of Old Town Bluffton.”

59B New Orleans Road, Hilton Head, SC | 844.378.6653 | carolinarides.com

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