Megan Fox and Philip Winchester go Rogue

Set in South Africa, Philip Winchester’s ‘Joey Kasinski’ and Megan Fox’s ‘Samantha O’Hara’ lead a mercenary unit of soldiers on a rescue operation. Determined to complete their mission, the unit encounters an illegal lion farm while tracking a militant faction, simultaneously battling the angry and inhumanely treated big cats. Aiming to deliver action and thrills with a wildlife conservation message, “Rogue” premiers on digital platforms August 28, 2020.


Lions Gate entertainment, inc.

Sisanda Henna, Megan Fox and Brandon Auret in “Rogue”


The camera sweeps across the South African safari, capturing the sun’s golden glow and the shadows of scattered trees. Slowly, a team sporting fatigues and weapons creeps through the plains, on the hunt in the midst of an extraction mission. In a whirlwind of gunfire, urgency, trials of physical and mental strength, stunningly unforgiving terrain, guttural roars and flashes of blonde fur and claws, the line between predator and prey become blurred.


lions gate entertainment, inc.


Lionsgate’s latest film, “Rogue,” aims to thrill and is set to premier on digital platforms August 28, 2020. Megan Fox, of Transformers franchise fame and hailing from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, stars in the eco-thriller as Samantha O’Hara, a battle-hardened mercenary leading a team of soldiers on a mission to rescue hostages captured by a militant organization. The Southern superstar commands this character to showcase her acting chops away from the spin of sex-appeal in her previous roles, testing her range and building her own image.



Director MJ Basset surrounds Fox with a badass team, including Philip Winchester who appeared in Bassett’s Emmy-nominated television series “Strike Back.” Winchester’s recent works include co-starring as Alex Kane on “The Player” and portraying the character Peter Stone on Dick Wolf’s One Chicago franchise and “Law and Order: SVU.” Having worked with Bassett for years, Winchester brings an air of finesse to the role – after all, Bassett describes Winchester to Entertainment Weekly as “one of the most militarily competent actors [he’s] ever worked with.” Fox and Winchester bring the adrenaline-pumping scenes to life on a for-hire extraction mission while simultaneously battling inhumanely kept lions. An action movie with a wildlife conservation message – what more could you ask for? See the trailer here.


Philip Winchester”


lions gate entertainment, inc.

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