Licensed to Carry

The ingenious new line of “carry-wear” that is redefining “fierce.”

There’s a new contender punching back at the plague of pocketless athletic apparel for women: Alexo Athletica. But it’s not just the proprietary waistband with seven pockets that sets this athleisure line apart. Alexo Athletica embraces and promotes a woman’s right to defend herself by building in the ability to confidently and comfortably conceal carry.
Amy Robbins, CEO and Co-Founder of Alexo Athletica, got the idea for “carry-wear” a few years ago while training for the White Rock Marathon in Texas. Running along backroads and having to carry all her essentials in her hands, a thought familiar to many women popped into her head: “What am I supposed to do if something happens?”

“You can’t always have a friend with you,” Robbins explained. “I don’t want to have to change my [running] route just because someone crazy might be out there and try to do something.”

Robbins obtained a license to carry in order to train without fearing for her safety, but no athleticwear on the market was designed to accommodate holding a gun. “As a woman, what are we supposed to do when we’re restricted by what we can carry?” she thought. Sensing an opportunity, she fused self-defense and style to create a line of functional performance-driven wear.

“Situational awareness comes first, like knowing where your phone is,” Robbins said. “It’s all about lowering your risk of something happening, and a good way to do that is to not advertise what you’re carrying.”

When Alexo Athletica launched amidst the #MeToo Movement on October 31, 2017, they offered two styles of leggings and three jackets. Now their selection includes leggings, jackets, tees and tanks — with running shorts featuring the same proprietary waistband expected to release in spring 2019.
The clothing is modeled online with wallets, guns, knives, tasers and phones tucked into the waistband, proving that whatever heat you want to pack while breaking a sweat, Alexo Athletica can hold it all.

“We need to make products that will make sure that no woman has to say, ‘me too’ again,” Robbins said. “When it comes to your safety and your life, you need to be prepared.”
Robbins — who hosted NRATV’s NOIR and Pursuit Channel’s GUNTV and created the “Not Your Average Gun Girls” podcast — strongly supports a woman’s right to choose how she defends herself. Whether that means a license to carry or martial arts training is up to the individual. Robbins just wants to promote self-reliance and to not have a woman’s ability to defend herself restricted by what her clothing lets her carry.

“Not every woman is going to want to carry a firearm,” Robbins said. “But they want to take their safety seriously. They’re taking self-reliance seriously.”

Even if carrying a weapon isn’t your style, the carrying capacity offered by Alexo Athletica makes it a popular choice for runners during a race. Robbins knows so many runners who stuff their Alexo Athletica pockets with their keys, wallet, water, snacks — “They pack these pants out for their races and they love it.”

The bottom line is Alexo Athletica is designed to be fashionable and functional, allowing a woman to carry whatever is going to make her feel safe. And the compressive material ensures that, whatever you’re carrying is both secure and accessible. For Robbins, it all comes down to a simple question:
“Are you going to leave your safety in someone else’s hands, or are you going to take responsibility for yourself?”

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