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J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote that it’s a “dangerous business going out your front door” and indeed he was right. Without the proper equipment or gear, an afternoon on the boat or a night under the stars can turn hellish in an instant. These products are made to make outdoor living as comfortable as sitting on your couch.

Photo / Lawson Hammock

1. Outfit the outdoors

Leave sleeping on the ground and turn toward the sky during your next outdoor adventure (even if the adventure is just in your backyard). This is rated the best “tent-hammock” on the market and was devised to be weatherproof and bug proof. This designeven allows for the hammock to be set up without hanging from a tree, if the user prefers to be closer to the earth. Bundle your purchase and you’ll receive an insulated underquilt for the hammock for those colder months or that backpacking trip in the mountains. This hammock is your next stop on your way to full outdoor comfort.
Blue Ridge Camping Hammock ➞ $229-259 /

Photos / Shibumi Shade

2. Shade for the whole crew

Made from ocean-bound recycled plastic, and designed to work with the wind rather than fighting against it with UPF 50+ material, this is the perfect accessory to protect you and your family from the sun. Available in two sizes – original and mini, the newest development has even made this shade quieter so as not to disturb your peaceful days. It’s fun to say and even easier to set up so make sure to add this to your sun-day beach gear.
Shibumi Shade ➞ $270 /

Photo / Zags Life

3. Live in the light

Developed from “a love of being in the sweet sunshine,” these SunWraps are made with UPF 50+ microfiber material, and printed with fun, vibrant designs. Moisture wicking and cooling technology as well as being antimicrobial, there are multiple ways to wear these wraps including as a shawl, around your waist like a skirt, or even as a dress. They’re even perfect as cover-ups for when you transition from the carefree living of salt and sun to civilization.
Preppy Palmetto Shawl ➞ $128 /

Photos / Short Court Sports

4. Don’t get caught short

Pickleball has been gaining traction across the country as people’s new favorite court sport. Nowhere has there been more appreciation of the game than in the South and this brand is here to make pickleball playing as stylish as possible. Utilizing colors like grass green and mint in their designs, these paddles and other accessories will have you looking the part, long before you hit the arena. Don a Short Court visor to look like players of the past or put a new spin on the game and wear their breathable, embroidered trucker hat. Opponents will be shaking in their boots when they see just how chic and athletic one can be in the same breath.
Courtside Collection – Doubles Bundle ➞ $285 /

Photo / The Joggle Factory

5. Joggle your heart out

The most romantic addition to your home you never knew you needed. Born out of a generations-old Southern tradition, this company builds boards made perfectly for sitting with your sweetheart. Joggling boards are built on rockers that allow the whole bench to sway gently from side to side, similar to a rocking chair but for two. In keeping with tradition, their whole line of products are painted the iconic Charleston Green hue and the company supports the disabled community by providing jobs. Perfect for indoor or outdoor and a great historical lesson for kids, the joggling board may be your family’s newest heirloom.
8’ and 12’ Joggling Boards ➞ starting at $700 /

Photos / Shelter Island Paper

6. Stand out in a crowd

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In Carolyn Colontonio’s case, her mother’s necessity led to the invention of another business level for Shelter Island Paper. Creating since 2011, Colontonio started with shower invites, digital prints, and home decor with inspirational quotes. The heart and art that poured into her original creations overflowed into a bustling business of bespoke “engraved goods and handmade pieces.” When her mother made a simple request for a new luggage tag, it lit a new spark. Colontonio purchased a laser-engraving machine and added laser engraved items like luggage tags to her inventory in 17 glossy acrylic hues or a medium of rustic wood.
Acrylic Personalized Tag ➞ starting at $14 /

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