How to Pick Your Next Cooler

Here's the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect cooler to take on the new year!

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Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect cooler to take on the new year! South called out RTIC coolers in our article, “#Vanlife: Travel and Minimalism,” and now we’re sharing the details:

Overview Of RTIC Coolers

The name “RTIC” is a play on the word “Arctic.” The brand is now marketed as RTIC Outdoor. Accordingly, it more aptly represents the brand’s expansion. In addition to coolers, which remain to be the brand’s bestsellers, tumblers, jugs, cups, and the like, are now sold under the RTIC Coolers brand name.

RTIC coolers are sold in various models which can be broadly classified as hard, soft, dry, and backpack coolers. With an extensive product catalog, these coolers are designed to capture different needs and lifestyles. Using a direct to consumer retail model, these products are sold at considerably more affordable prices compared to its competitors. Instead of coursing its products through an accredited distributor network, RTIC coolers and other products are sold online through its official online store or via shopping platforms, such as Amazon.

Recently, the company opened a physical store in Texas, which is located near the company’s factory facility.  Furthermore, plans are underway to open 20 other retail stores in different locations across the United States.

Who Owns RTIC

The company is owned by brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. Since being founded in 2015, RTIC Coolers has been steadily growing. Presently, the brand is well-known for high-quality products available at reasonable prices. For the most part, the brand gains popularity through social media promotions and word of mouth. Since launching, both brothers are still gaining traction, yet they remain loyal to their goal, that is, to keep making available products that are “Overbuilt. Not overpriced.”

Types and Styles Of RTIC Coolers

Different types of multipurpose lightweight coolers are marketed under the RTIC Cooler brand. These products aim to provide convenience as well as temperature retention.

Major RTIC Models

Here are brief reviews of popular RTIC cooler models that are worth checking out:

RTIC Hard Cooler (45 qt.)

This is one of the most sought-after  RTIC hard coolers because it’s virtually indestructible. It’s perfect for camping and fishing adventures with your family or crew.

This cooler has a 45 quarts capacity, allowing it to accommodate up to 35 cans of beverage and 40 lbs. of ice which makes it ideal for use on long trips. Its cooling capacity can last up to 10 days, which is why many customers refer to this chest as a portable freezer.

The 45 quart variant of the hard RTIC cooler has three color options that you can choose from. These are white, light blue, and tan. Aside from that, if you need a bigger cooler, you have the option to go for 65 up to 145 quarts depending on your needs.

RTIC Soft Pack (20 qt.)

This portable cooling pack comes in ten color variants, which you can mix and match to your mood and personality. Its 20 qt. capacity can hold up to 20 cans of beverages with enough space for ice. This is what makes it perfect for mid-day picnics with an intimate company.

Moreover, soft pack’s StayDry material keeps it sweat-free so you can stop worrying about losing the freshness of the food and drinks you’re bringing along. The StayDry material, combined with its 2-inch insulation, also enables it to keep your goods cold for several days when subjected to ideal conditions.

Another feature of the soft pack cooler is that it is durable and yet it stays incredibly lightweight. The fabric does not easily rip despite being fully loaded, and it does not feel uncomfortable when carried.

RTIC Day Cooler (28 qt.)

This is the most versatile size option for the day cooler models of RTIC. It can hold up to 28 cans of beverage which is considerably spacious for most uses. The RTIC Day Cooler is also manufactured using StayDry technology that prevents it from sweating, so you do not need to deal with a wet mess.

This cooler also comes with a padded shoulder strap similar to those that come with the soft pack. This prevents you from straining your shoulders. Furthermore, its zip-top feature makes its content more easily accessible.

Although it closely resembles the soft pack variant, what’s nice about the day cooler is that it has a spacious outer pocket. It allows you to safely store other smaller objects to keep the contents of your cooler well-organized.

RTIC Backpack Cooler

This is one of the most underrated models of RTIC. It offers a hands-free solution with its backpack design, making it more comfortable and more convenient to carry around.

Its construction and design are similar to the day and soft pack coolers, bearing the same zipper-top and insulation. However, this model boasts a 30-can beverage capacity, which makes it a perfect size for someone who loves to go camping or vacationing with friends and family. Moreover, this cooler floats so you won’t have to worry about carrying it over your head when crossing rivers or hosting a pool party with a floating bar.

The RTIC backpack has three color options which are: blue, tan, and camouflage.

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