Helping Coastal Georgia Age Well

Serving Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Coastal Care Partners is a locally-owned company that is changing the way the community ages, by offering the area’s only comprehensive, nurse-managed aging life care programs.

Coastal Care Partners is the first to agree that the entire health system needs “fixing”, but they are not prepared to wait for it to be fixed. “We are committed to continuing our innovations in providing care by listening to what our customers want and need.” Scott pierce.

When Scott and Amy met in 2016, little did they know that they would end up as each other’s life as well as business partners. Scott, who was living in Atlanta at the time, was dealing with elderly parents who lived in Savannah. “I would drop everything and drive four hours whenever there was a medical issue. The idea for the business came when we realized there needed to be a company that helps manage the healthcare of aging adults,” he said.

While there are many companies who provide basic care such as running errands and helping the elderly get dressed, Coastal Care Partners is unique in that it offers a complete concierge type service for all aspects of medical and everyday care. To set their company apart from other aging life care organizations, Scott and Amy designed their innovative services to include aging life care management, in-home care, home assist, and specialty care programs which are run by Registered Nurses.

“Our healthcare system is complicated. Older people especially need assistance with navigating it. Often families call us in crisis mode, not knowing how to care for their loved one and what might be available. They know they need more than a caregiver, and that is where our clinical nurse care management comes in,” said Scott.

Coastal Care Partners has faced the challenges first-hand of trying to find the right balance of managed medical care and independent living at home. And, by upholding ‘The Donna Rule’ during their hiring process, clients can rest assured that their loved one will receive unparalleled care from staff.

“Of course the first question always is ‘what is the Donna Rule?’,” said Amy. “Donna is my mother, and whenever we interview a potential team member I always have to ask myself if I would be comfortable with this person looking after my mother — so, hence, the Donna Rule.” If we can answer yes with absolute confidence, the candidate will be invited to join the Coastal Care Partners team. “Allowing a stranger into your home to care for your loved one can be scary. That is why at Coastal Care Partners we have a rigorous recruitment process, and only select the top candidates.”

Their business was a well oiled machine when COVID-19 hit, bringing with it a whole host of other demands. “We got involved very early on assisting with the vaccine roll out and making sure that the most vulnerable could actually get their injection at home,” said Scott. “We also set up at schools and other businesses — even film sets and jails — to help with the administration of vaccines.”

Due to COVID-19, there was also a surge in the need for patients to be seen at home. Scott and Amy have since launched another service called the Hybrid House Call. While doctors are more than willing to do ‘teledoc’ services, most elderly people cannot work the technology. So, the Hybrid House Call was created as a service where a registered nurse will see the patient at home, set up the technology to speak with the doctor, and then facilitate any tests or blood draws needed, all without the patient needing to leave their home.

Amy Pierce / South’s Greatest Nurse 2021

RN, CMC, Owner and CEO of Coastal Care Partners.

Amy Pierce feels that the seeds for her career as a nurse were actually in her DNA. “I remember taking a career test back in college which offered recommendations on what would be my ideal career,” Pierce said. “My test came back, not at all surprisingly, with ‘nurse, counselor, and teacher’ all checked!”

While Pierce has worked in many specialties in her two decades in the nursing profession, most of her career has centered around older adults. “I did work in hospice, and that’s really where I saw the need for helping older adults manage their health care, and really where a lot of the ideas for Coastal Care Partners came from, just seeing families struggling to navigate complex health issues.” 

“I believe in the truth and wisdom of Maya Angelou’s quote that ‘They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ My job as a nurse — and Coastal Care Partners’ mission — is to do just that: provide as much help and ease as we possibly can,” said Pierce. 

Pierce felt very complimented to have been chosen as the number one nurse in South’s Greatest Nurses and Medical Professionals, 2021. “It really feels good to be recognized for my professional experience, but the truth is I feel my best trait is being able to pick amazing team members. Coastal Care Partners would not be where it is today without our incredible team. We’ve got great nurses, great leadership and amazing caregivers, and I feel blessed to be part of it all.” 

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