Growing Woof Gang

Having just opened their sixth Savannah area store, the sky is the limit for the first family of pet stores decked out in pink.

Having just opened their sixth Savannah area store, the sky is the limit for the first family of pet stores decked out in pink.

If you want a special place to take your dog (or if you simply want to spoil them rotten) then veteran and locally-owned Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is the place to go. Under the guidance of the first family of pet stores decked out in pink, you will find David and Michelle Pence and their staff and pups immersed in a business that is “totally built around joy.”

Woof Gang is all about providing quality products and services for the doggy denizens of Savannah. And while David uses his background in business to handle all the operations, his wife Michelle concentrates on the creative aspects such as quality product selection, store decor and making sure they hire the right people.

Above and below: Dedicated groomer Delaney Mulcahy with a few of her newly-pampered pooches at the Sandfly location at 8507 Ferguson Avenue in Sandfly

“We understand that pets are part of your family. They’re not just pets, and we treat them like they are our own,” said David. The Pences also make sure that they hire associates who feel the same way. “We have five stores that offer full grooming services and we have amazing people who really look after our doggy clients.”

Delaney Mulcahy is one of the “amazing groomers” who work at Woof Gang, who takes the time to get to know both her doggy clientele and their human parents. “I’ve loved and worked with dogs my entire life,” said Mulcahy, who ensures each and every client has a good experience at Woof Gang.

Photo: John Alexander

Mulcahy is so dedicated to this concept, she will come in early when the shop is empty in order to groom a nervous dog. And if a dog gets too trepidacious during a session, she will call the owner and let the dog hear their voice to calm them down. Mulcahy also brings in her own weiner/mix rescue dog named Bun Bun to help when needed. He has been nicknamed “The Manager” because he helps clients feel at home.

No matter what your needs for your four-legged-friends, Woof Gang is there to provide everything from beautifully decorated, pet-friendly cupcakes for your pooch’s party, to organic shampoos and human-grade food. And, of course, the dedicated team of Woof Gang groomers, like Mulcahy, are on standby to ensure your furry companions are always on point.

The 6 Savannah area WoofGangs are owned by Michelle and David Pence and their pup Lucy.

To learn more visit or on Facebook @WoofGangSav


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