Bring Your Fantasy Adventure to Life with Expert Adventures

Blake Crosby

There is something about American spirit that fosters a longing to throw off the monotony and anxieties of daily life and make a break over the river and through the woods, like bringing a Mark Twain novel to life.

The adrenaline of adventure taps into a sense of freedom that is not an escape, but a renaissance. The smell of salt in the air, the crunch of brush underfoot, the security of deep-rooted trees or the exposure of where the grassland meets the horizon: a fantasy adventure.

The South offers a wealth of wilderness, ready to be realized. Derek Adams, our 2020 “Face of Adventure” has adventure in his blood, making electrifying experiences accessible for anyone with his charter and tour services. Adams brings generations of hands-on expertise with the duly named Expert Adventures.

By Sea 

Embark on a fishing excursion, cruising in a 38-foot Stryker by the name of “War Wagon.” This vessel features luxuries amenities, such as a bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning, multimedia system and more. Adams makes sure you’re always ready for battle with opponents such as mahi, marlin, tuna and wahoo with an equipment stash that leaves no option off the table: from rods to bait to spears to snorkel gear. Under the guidance of the captain, find your sea legs and hit the waves running.

On Land

If you prefer to dream with two feet on the ground, Expert Adventures can bring land-locked ventures to life. Ranging from the Lowcountry to the grasslands of the American Midwest to “The Last Frontier” in Alaska, the sky is the only limit for the experts.

Contact: Email at or call at 912.665.8162. Visit Expert Adventure’s Facebook,, and ask the experts.