Amp Up Your Mind-Body Connection

“Come meet our family! We have a comfortable and intimate space designed for everyone to grow! Train with Trust!”

Photo / Tiffany Goggin

If getting fit and lowering stress levels are priorities, allow AMPT to “connect all the dots” providing clients with the services necessary to achieve their goals.

AMPT (Athletics & Mindfulness Personal Training) is bringing “unconventional” training methods to Savannah. The team at AMPT dive in to get a deep and clear understanding of who their clients are as individuals—from habits and lifestyle, to goals and obstacles—so that they can identify all the ways to grow.

“We take a very holistic approach to fitness. We do much more than train people. We educate them as well,” said co-founder Ricky Asplen, (Coach Moose ) who started AMPT with Travis Kurtz who met in college and through fitness and philosophy, went from rivals to friends to family. “We’re going to give you the tools, the education… everything necessary so that you can take your fitness journey into your own hands and feel confident and comfortable being fit.”

As the name implies, AMPT integrates mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation to enhance the client experience. AMPT believes that by being more mindful when exercising, the same awareness will follow their clients outside of the gym and into the rest of their lives, offering a myriad of fitness services for everyone from the bonafide athlete to those living with chronic illnesses or the dreaded “couch potato” syndrome.

The process starts with an initial assessment with a kinesiologist, who looks for mobility issues, imbalances and addresses any aches or pains. There is also a mindfulness assessment that provides a snapshot of current quality of life and asks some deep questions to help paint a picture of who their clients are, where they are in life and where they want to go.

People are the priority at AMPT. “We’re here to help everybody,” said Asplen. Choose from personal training sessions, small group classes or an open gym membership. Regardless of the choice, the AMPT team is ready to help deepen the mind-body connection.

Sign up for a consultation at AMPT today and take the first steps towards—as Asplen likes to say—their ultimate intention to “make your flame burn a little bit brighter.”

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