A Journey to the Heart of Africa with Kumusha Wine at PRD

Guests took a journey to the heart of Africa with Kumusha Wine, created by World Renowned Sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka, at PRD's inaugural wine and dine at Plant Riverside on Wednesday, April 7.

Plant Riverside District’s, Baobab Lounge celebrated a theme of South African origins through their inaugural Kumusha Wine Event on April 7th, serving a variety of fare and vino to entertain guests not only with unique flavors but also with a gallery of exotic luxury handbags, jewelry and accessories from Norton + Hodges with South African origins as well. Serving Kumasha wines crafted by world-renowned Sommelier Tinsashe Nyamudoka, such as a Sauvignon Blanc, “Flame Lily” White Blend, and Cabernet-Cinsault, it was an experience unique to Baobab Lounge, as the line of wines are an exclusive feature to the restaurant and bar. A variety of African-inspired bites were also offered to guests: crab fritters, chicken shawarma, boerewors, and a peri peri truffle. 

View photos from the wine tasting here!

Photos: Miranda Osborn / Norton + Hodges Founder, Suzette Bussey (right) with her luxury accessories inspired by Africa. From handbags, totes, hats, footwear and jewelry to her new line of fur collars and torques, each piece in the Norton and Hodges collection is designed to inspire and empower clients to feel beautiful.

The word Kumasha translated from the Zimbawean Shona language is “your home”, “your roots”, and “your origin”, which the event honored by presenting a spread of wines and cuisine that are rooted from South Africa. The Kumasha Wine Event was an evening of African cultured tastes and displays, truly embracing their theme of “Root. Origin. Home”.

The Baobab Lounge:

Raw elements and modern elegance come to life in this immersive African lounge where guests are transported into a celebration of cultures that honors the origins of mankind itself. Discover and sample a curated selection of wine, cocktails, and small plates, as well as modern and traditional artwork from different regions throughout Africa in this one-of-a-kind Savannah lounge.