11 Self-Care Tips and Ways to Stay Healthy

In The Ever Changing Landscape of Health + Wellness From South’s Greatest Doctors, Dentists + Chiropractors 2022/23

Dr. Mark Dye

No. 1: Keep those whites pearly

“Make sure you’re getting two dental cleanings per year to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent periodontal disease – a potential cause of many medical conditions.” – Dr. Robert Miller

“Floss every day!”  Dr. Mark Dye

Dr. Kristi L. Hofstadter-Duke

No. 2: Set a realistic goal

The majority of health problems have a behavioral component, as doing too much (e.g., overeating) or too little (e.g., facing challenging situations, exercising) of certain behaviors can contribute to poor outcomes for ourselves as well as our children. The single most helpful tip for creating healthy habits is to set a realistic goal (i.e., make it doable!) that is paired with something enjoyable or meaningful. For instance, if you want to establish a healthy habit of walking, you might walk for short periods while listening to a favorite audiobook or podcast. The trick is to pair the enjoyable activity exclusively with your new desired habit. For instance, make a particular book or podcast available only when you are walking. If you want to listen to that next chapter, pull out those sneakers!” – Dr. Kristi L. Hofstadter-Duke

Dr. Joe Overstreet

No. 3: Wear safety glasses!

“Especially when doing yard work, construction, or using power tools, protect your eyes.” – Dr. Joe Overstreet

No. 4: Give your eyes a break

“In addition to spending more time outdoors, an easy tip that also benefits vision and eyes is to take breaks from near work. Even a 10-20 second break to look across the room or out a window every 15 minutes will cut down on eye strain.” – Dr. Elizabeth Bennett

Dr. Tim Minton

No. 5: Prioritize Mental Health

“I think we often spend our wellness focus on diet and exercise and neglect mental health. Recently I have incorporated regular meditation and mindfulness practice into my daily routine and it really can have just as much of a benefit.” – Dr. Tim Minton

No. 6 & 7: Wear sunblock

“Begin wearing sunblock at a young age, hats, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing! I am daily amazed at the crazy amount of skin cancer in Savannah, as well as unnecessary aging. Begin Retin-A treatment daily starting at age 35, will pay off amazingly as you get older.” – Dr. Daniel Most

No. 8. Follow the ‘golden’ rules

“1. No smoking of any kind. Lungs don’t like small particles blocking their passages. 2. Less animal fat and protein. All protein comes from plants, e.g., elephants, horses, etc., 3. Eat more plant foods of all colors. The darker the plant pigment, the more important nutrients they have. 4. Reduce the simple carbohydrates, e.g., sugar, fructose, 5. Eat more fiber, which come from plants. Bones support animals, and fiber supports plants, 6. Eat more fruit, vegetables, and spices for their antioxidants and nutrients, 6. Exercise moderately for at least 15 minutes a day, 7. Limit excess sun exposure, but do get some sun, 5 to 10 minutes each morning before work will energize you, 8. Take whole food supplements, e.g., those that are not extracts or chemically produced, but come from food itself. 9. Use a cosmeceutical skin care system and sun block every day, 10. Educate yourself regarding your health. Make longevity and health your goal.” – Dr. Ronald Finger

Dr. Karen Cooper

No. 9. Alkaline water

“Alkaline water helps keep the body alkaline. All diseases in the body need an acidic environment.” – Dr. Karen Cooper

Eat less, move more. Adopt a healthy diet and exercise.” – Dr. Nizar S. Eskandar

10. Remove the bad bacteria

“A common misconception about dentistry is that ‘it’s just teeth.’ Recent research has shown that the oral microbiome has an effect on whole body health, especially cardiovascular health! Gum disease and oral infections are also linked to illnesses such as diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and even Alzheimer’s. It is important to remove the bad bacteria (from cavities and tartar buildup) by making regular visits to your dentist for professional cleanings and exams! A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand-in-hand.” –Dr. Robert Redenz, DDS

Dr. Elizabeth Bennett, Dr. John DeVaro   

11. Take care of your eyes

“Parents often want to know how to keep their child from needing glasses or from having their nearsightedness become worse. Children are becoming increasingly myopic with each generation. Many studies have related this to the lack of time spent outdoors in the sunlight. The COVID pandemic only made things worse. Our doctors use new technologies such as low dose atropine eye drops at bedtime and special contact lenses to combat myopic progression, but many agree that kids still need to spend more time outside in the sunlight every day (after applying sunscreen).

An often-quoted poll found that the only thing that people fear more than the loss of their sight is death.” – Dr. John DeVaro