​​10 Ways to Look Younger

In The Ever Changing Landscape of Health + Wellness From South’s Greatest Doctors, Dentists + Chiropractors 2021/22

Collated by: Mindy Scarlett
Photography: D. Paul Graham, John Alexander, Blake Crosby

Dr. Karen Cooper

1. Your Smile is One of the Most Important Elements of Staying Young.

“Brighter smiles, and bringing worn teeth back to their youthful heights via reconstructing helps minimize facial wrinkles. Replacing missing teeth decreases the fat loss in the face that increases the aging process.” – Dr. Karen Cooper

“In regards to a younger appearance a healthy looking smile is commanding. Straight white teeth are the standard for a youthful appearance. With the technology available to straighten teeth and a magnificent selection of gorgeous porcelain materials we are able to deliver magazine perfect smiles. A most satisfying carryover of improving appearance is oftentimes a healthier mouth. I cannot emphasize enough, the oral systemic link and a healthier mouth means a healthier you.”
– Dr. Natalie Wermuth

“Cosmetic dentistry can change a patient’s appearance, and make them look and feel younger. We do anything from simple whitening of teeth with custom trays, to full-mouth reconstruction. A whiter, bolder smile can make patients look years younger.” – Dr. Mark Dye

“Everyone is looking for ways to look better and younger. First of all, good oral hygiene is the key. To improve on cosmetics, we offer in office power bleaching and veneers. One of the fastest growing markets now is clear braces. We offer Invisalign for easy pain free orthodontics to give you a beautiful smile.” – Dr. Scott Cohen

Dr. Richard R. Schulze, Jr.

2. Make Your Eyes Younger

“Over the age of 40, nearly everyone loses the ability to see up close. This is due to an aging change called presbyopia, literally, Greek for ‘old eyes.’ Since virtually no one speaks Greek anymore, surgeons are now beginning to use the term ‘dysfunctional lens syndrome,’ instead of presbyopia since it represents a more accurate description of the condition. Why is this important for those who are concerned about aging? Well, when patients start to wear reading glasses, they might as well hang a sign over their head saying, ‘look at me, I’m over 40!’ For those patients who want better near vision without glasses, refractive surgery can help. And recently, the FDA has improved a new eyedrop which allows for better reading vision without glasses or surgery. Expect more innovation in this space in years to come.” – Dr. Richard R. Schulze, Jr.

Dr. Cori Palmer

3. Hearing is Important

“People don’t always realize they can look younger by hearing the best they can! When you don’t hear properly, you lag behind in the conversations and either don’t communicate or have to ask people to repeat. There is nothing that makes you look older than not being able to engage in the conversation or answer appropriately.” Dr. Cori Palmer & Dr. Susan Timna

Dr. Tim Minton

4. Skin Care to Keep Aging at Bay

“Great, consistent skin care should include: sunblock early in life, regular skin treatments such as facials, peels, and lasers, a whole food diet and regular exercise. Efficient sleep leads to a positive attitude, and start early with regular botox use. Combine fillers with skin tightening treatments when appropriate and laugh a lot!” – Dr. Tim Minton

Dr. Carl B. Pearl

5. & 6. Plastic Surgery is Not Just for Models Anymore

“More patients are making sure that they keep their youthful looks by getting scheduled touch ups, just as you would update your diet and exercise regimens. No longer do patients dread or fear surgery, due to the reality it is like going to a spa for a makeover with a beautiful, long lasting outcome. However, with time and gravity everything fades, so you must maintain it with skin care, treatments, fillers and touch ups.” – Dr. Luke Curtsinger

“Regardless of which decade you are in, there is always something we can do to help people feel better about themselves. We see patients in their twenties getting lip filler and breast augmentation. In the thirties and forties, patients are ready for a mommy makeover, and after fifty, they become ready for facelifts.” – Dr. Carl B. Pearl

Dr. Victor Rosenfeld

7. Sleeping Beauty Had the Right Idea… Plenty of Rest Can Keep You Young

“The aging process correlates exactly with the diminishment of Delta waves or deep sleep. Growth hormone, one of the most powerful healing and regenerative hormones, is pulsed during deep sleep and likewise diminishes as our deep sleep fades. Identifying and treating sleep disorders as well as ensuring you get adequate — and restful — restorative sleep should be the cornerstone of any anti-aging regimen.” – Dr. Victor Rosenfeld

Dr. Daniel Most

8. Remember, Beauty is From the Inside Out

Internal: Yoga, meditation, Qigong. Your face and skin are reflections of your inner peace. External: Lower or eliminate sugar from your diet, stop tobacco use, have a chemical peel at least every two to three years, and wear sunblock 365 days a year!” – Dr. Daniel Most

Dr. Amy Thompson 

9. Chiropractic Can Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years

“Studies show chiropractic care increases telomere length. A decrease in telomere length can shorten your lifespan causing a faster rate of aging. Studies have also been released relating longevity and posture. Certainly, chiropractic can add years to your life and life to your years.” – Dr. Amy Thompson

Dr. Sidney P. Smith

10. Keeping Skin in Top Condition is Not Just About Vanity

“Good skin care also helps prevent skin cancer. Opus Fractionated Plasma is an anti-aging treatment that makes people look younger, smoother and healthier, by using electrical current through the skin. I have seen impressive results. Oral Nicotinamide (B3) can decrease the rate of common skin cancers by 23 percent. This is extremely important and easy to do.” – Dr. Sidney P. Smith


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