The Triathlon God

With more than 40 metals, triathlete Yorilly “George” Moreno’s pro status has turned his dream into a full-time job.

Last February, Yorilly “George” Moreno officially earned his pro athlete status. Since then, he’s won more than 25 awards, crossed around 40 finish lines, and has trained for approximately 20 hours a week. Following in the footsteps of his father, who was on the national and Olympic team in Venezuela, Moreno has been pursuing his journey as a triathlete for the last five years. While there’s always been a thin line between eating healthy and performance eating, triathletes tend to look at their food as fuel.

For Moreno, a three-hour bike ride causes him to lose a ton of nutrients and sweat out about 8 percent of his body weight. Sneaking in healthy greens is always helpful, but he credits the simple sugars in Coca-Cola and the sodium in ramen soup with keeping him balanced.

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