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Upper East Rivers Shares 5 Small Ways to Support Nature From Your Savannah Yard

Savannah is a place with a plethora of beautiful wildlife. Given its proximity to the ocean, mountains, and deep-growth forests alike, the Hostess City and its surrounding areas are a sort of haven in the Southeast. Upper East River recently talked about all of the lovely birds you can spot from your Savannah home. And today, they're going to talk about how you can help them (and other creatures and critters). Here are five small ways to support nature from your Savannah yard!

With Certainty Comes Confidence

Born and Raised in Savannah, the team at Certainty Home Loans doesn’t just invest in their Clients’ financial future, they invest in the future of their Hometown.

Movin' South: Upper East River Savannah

Brick by brick, part love letter to Savannah’s historic aesthetic, part forward-looking new urban masterpiece, Upper East River builds on a deep veneration of the Hostess City.