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2022 Most Stylish: Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line set out to reawaken patriotism, reinvigorate U.S. manufacturing, and to not-so-subtly encourage other people to do the same. Entrepreneurial inspiration My dad was an entrepreneur, so I know the upsides and downsides of being one!  I like being…

2022 Most Stylish

Going about your business with style in Savannah and beyond requires a very special set of skills. These companies bring a unique personality to the table, passion for what they do, compassion for their clients, a particular love for the community they serve, and a team behind the work that’s most stylish of all.

One step at a time

Little changes add up. No one knows that better than Matt Lyda, who went from muffin top to marathons in just six months.

Salty Frog Gear

When Tyler Merritt describes grappling with post-war emotions and the adrenaline-seeking behavior in military veteran culture, there’s a glimpse into the unabashed dedication and passion that is infused in every aspect of what he does. “There’s nothing more exhilarating than being shot at,” he tells me — and I believe him. And it’s this sentiment that opens a window into the world of Nine Line Apparel.


Nine Line needs your help with their latest mission—Operation: Dress Drop—to make prom 2021 the most magical event yet!

It’s All In the Bag

Who knows packs better than the military? Check out these 3 bags designed by southern based, military-owned companies.

Army-Navy Tailgate for a Cause

Did someone say, "Tailgate?" The Nine Line Foundation is hosting an Army-Navy tailgate complete with BBQ, beverages and TVs—all for a great cause!

Nine Line Apparel

South's Most Stylish 2020: This Southern company embodies patriotism through its apparel and lifestyle brand. Nine Line Apparel understands that to have style is to have substance. They stand for so much more than the sweet gear they sell.