Le Petite Prince

“Monday 5 Things” ™….. Of Planet B 612 …..

These past couple of weeks have lent themselves to some late-night reflection and I chose some literary relaxation and distraction. During these moments, one of my go-to books is Saint-Exupéry’s 'Le Petit Prince'. The first edition was released in 1943 and weaves the tale of a pilot who crashes in the Sahara and meets a young prince. The prince, who was from Planet B 612, shares his anecdotes of wanderlust as he travelled through the universe to other planets in search of answers to wisdom, loneliness, love, pain, friendship, beauty, and his beloved rose. If you haven’t read this incredible book, give yourself the gift of a few hours to read it. I can assure you it won’t be the last time that you open it up. This morning’s M5T shares some of my favorite quotes from a well-worn copy that resides on my bookshelf.