Looking Back at South’s Greatest Nurses & Medical Professionals 2021

Each of South’s “greatest nurses” describe their profession as a “calling”; some knew their destiny as children, others grew into the healthcare field, inspired by the work of others. These heroes are sharing their experiences, stories and advice from surviving the pandemic and looking forward to the future of healthcare.

Healthcare: Building a Resume

While there are endless job openings in the healthcare industry today, landing your dream job is as difficult as ever for many professionals. How many of us spend the most important years of our lives at a job we have no love for, while longing for a thriving career, or earning top-tier pay at a dream institution? Oftentimes, the difference between these two paths is a well-crafted resume. So let’s get to work on that interview-worthy CV by starting with the most common mistake that keeps landing yours in the shred bin; it’s not relevant to the job you are applying to.