Caroline Knopf

South’s Most Stylish Southern Photographers

Featuring Daniel Shippey, Liesa Cole, Caroline Knopf, Mary Britton Senseney and The Sintoses Daniel Shippey  Mindy White was living in Nashville, Tennessee when we decide to do this photoshoot. We had been talking about working together for a year or…

​​Sullivan’s Serendipity: An Island Travel Diary

There are few places left in the world you can visit as an outsider and be welcomed as if you were family. Sullivan’s Island is one of those special places where the magic and merit of “Southerness” is preserved. From culture, to history, to nature — the spirit of this island is unlike any other.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The adventurism that permeates throughout the series is bred from the energy of the Holy City, from the winding waterways to the nooks and crannies of the town. There’s something in the water, breeze and streets — an infectious je ne sais quoi that nourishes and excites the soul.

One Foot in Eden

Renowned photographer Caroline Knopf shares her magical and mysterious photography essay on one of Charleston, South Carolina’s top destinations: Drayton Hall.