Moving Hollywood South

As Savannah is turning into the “New Hollywood”, dozens of movies have been filmed here. 

From the remake of Baywatch featuring Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson, to the Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Sponge out of Water, they just keep coming. A more recent movie that has begun filming, from what is rumored to be called “Glorious”, features Janelle Monae, an American singer, songwriter, actress, and producer. The movie stars other well-known actresses, Bette Midler, Julianna Moore and Alicia Vikander, adding to the list of celebrities to look out for in town. 

They began filming very recently and one of the locations is in the Midtown area of Savannah at a local high school that is being transformed into Harvard Law School. According to IMDb, this movie is “based on feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s best selling memoir, My Life on the Road, telling the story of her itinerant childhood’s influence on her life as a writer, activist and organizer for women’s rights worldwide.”