More Than Food?

Local author and illustrator creates a food-filled children's book.

A local Mother and Daughter have been working on a children’s book for over two years and now it’s out! Natalie Broulette and mother, Christy Plummer, have created “More Than Food?”, a picture book full of charming illustrations and playful rhymes, that follows a young boy who questions his mother’s love and she expresses her admiration through strawberries, potatoes, chicken tikka masala and more. More Than Food? explores the joy of food and language through the imagination of a child. As a dynamic duo, Natalie wrote the story and Christy illustrated for the book. “I put my son to bed one night and called him sweet pea, and then I started thinking about all the food-related nicknames we give people: sugar, honey, pumpkin, and I just started piecing a story together centered around food.”, Natalie says. This is a great book to read to your children whether it’s before bedtime, or to just have some quality time with your kiddos. Need a Christmas present? The books along with totes and custom made sprinkles can be found at The Paris Market and E. Shaver Booksellers in Savannah, on Amazon and through Natalie’s website, There will also be a book signing at Henny Penny on Friday, December 21, 5:30-8 pm, and tagging along will be Big Bon Pizza.