Live from Savannah

Probably more dependable than your share of hot dinners, these local on-air personalities will tell you everything you need to know about your community. Everybody likes being told a good story. The best are entertaining, accurate and relevant. It’s an easy concept, but a hard job. For many reporters and anchors, the job starts in the field, traveling, talking with people, asking questions, and facing stressful or emotional situations. There’s also a copious amount of writing, researching and editing—and now Facebooking, tweeting and the occasional check-in. Their schedules are hectic and erratic, their spouses patient. They’re on-call at all times and ready to bring vital information straight to your home. All it takes is a click of the button for them to pop up on screens of all different shapes and sizes, but they’ve been working hard all day long to bring you the news.