Junk to Funk: Flourish

A high school fashion show selling out is impressive in its own right – when it sells out in less than a day, you know you’re onto something special. And this year's Savannah Arts Academy 11th annual Junk to Funk fashion show didn't need a whole day – it sold out in 10 minutes.

It’s a high standard to live up to, and one that this year’s show, themed around lush greenery, exotic plants and nature, looks to top. Carrying the name “Flourish,” this show features garments made from scratch, created whole cloth by students. More than just a chance for aspiring young fashion designers to show off their creations, this is an opportunity for students to learn the ropes of modeling, set design, hair, makeup, lighting and sound design. Between them all, it takes a small army of volunteers to create this fabulous four-show event.

So what makes this fashion show so anticipated that it sells out so quickly every year? Lauren Amman, who has been a model for three years in this show says, “This only happens once a year, so everyone goes crazy for tickets. There’s nothing else like this in Savannah, which makes the demand even higher. People can see how truly artistic the students are and how they can build garments from nothing to something.” 

Taking on rigorous classes, after school clubs, and outside activities, while having to practice for Junk to Funk can be stressful. The week of the show, every day the models, designers, and crew stay after school until dark to make sure everything is prepared for the show. Yet teachers will still expect for students to be ready for tests and doing their homework. “It’s extremely stressful to keep my grades up while I put everything I’ve got into the show. After staying after school so late for practice, you’re exhausted and just want to rest, but there’s still homework and studying that needs to be done,” Amman says. 

In the end, it’s all worth it. Students get instant recognition for their efforts from a public who has clearly embraced their artistry, and gain valuable experience in putting on a first-rate event.
This year’s show runs Jan. 31-Feb. 2.

Below are some photos from last years show, "Let Them Eat Cake".