South Magazine - The April-May 2012

Survival Mode

No one really knows when it’s going to happen, but the idea of armageddon is as old as time, meaning there must be something significant to the maddening scheme. Photography by An Le 

Shoulda’ Been a Cowboy

In the dark of the Cowboy Cabin, Larry Butler—faced with my city-boy ineptness—strikes a long match. The owner of Seventy-four Ranch, a working cattle ranch operated by real cowboys in Jasper, Georgia, ignites the Coleman lamp hanging from the rafters.…

South’s Greatest Bodies

Living in the South has its luxuries: a slow-paced lifestyle, good ol’ Southern food, and its fair share of killer cocktails! However, there are some Southerners with willpower of steel that are able to resist temptation. These women and men…

Voices of Valor

As part of South's April/May issue, we proudly shared the stories of several military heroes who were on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, SouthTV presents interview footage from two of these brave heroes. 

A Note of Hope

Just what is it that most defines a person? Is it the job they do, or how they walk? Is it their relationship to family, or the totality of their accomplishments? Is it what they leave behind? Or is it…