South Magazine - Oct-Nov 2016

South's Greatest Chefs

With the food revolution starting in the South, it's no wonder our chefs are so dang popular.

The Spanky's Family

Ansley Williams, owner and founder of Spanky’s on River Street has cracked the code for success in the restaurant industry: he makes his employees feel at home.

The Southern Bar Crawl

Savannah is a drinking town, pure and simple. Make your way through the best bars in the city with South’s Official Southern Bar Crawl.

Scotch 101

Mike Owens of the Tourism Leadership Council schools us on the correct way to drink scotch. He's in love with scotch and his mission is to let us know it.

Southern Pub Fare

A pub’s kitchen used to be limited to a deep fryer and a microwave. Their menus didn’t go much further than fried chicken wings and limp French fries.

The Wild Life

The more exotic the better. For over ten years, Nicole Kanoy has wrangled alligators, led a stampede of wild hogs and brought the love of all creatures to the screen.

What About Ray?

When it comes to understanding brands, advertising, and how businesses market themselves, Ray Jacobs seems to be in a class all by himself. His list of accomplishments is prolific, having worked with The Tonight Show, Judge Judy, Paramount, starting the most…

Tytan Creates

As they strive to be the largest producer of independent films in the South, Tytan Creates' new venture is putting Eatonton on the map.

Film South

From Southern celebrities to film locations, the glory of the South is being recognized in Hollywood.    The South has become the new Mecca for the American film industry. It’s no longer required to pack up and move to Hollywood…

Steve Penley's Soda Pop Art

Steve Penley painted his way to icon-dom, and along the way, America's favorite brand commissioned his quasi-impressionism to bring the Coke side to life.

Noble Mouse

Two Bahamians (one a pilot), a cyclist, a redneck, and a recent SCAD grad walk into a bar… It sounds like the setup for a joke, but these are just some of the real-life characters you’ll find at Noble Mouse—one…

Tina Tyus-Shaw

Tina Tyus-Shaw reflects on a devastating tragedy that birthed a life-changing strength within her and altered her destiny.

How to Make It As An Actor

When Mark McCullough walks into a room, positive energy engulfs it, which is kind of a surprise when you think of the bad guys he plays on screen. But even under that gritty mustache, his smile is welcoming and approachable.…

Hugh Acheson

You might be shocked to know the man who understands and promotes Southern cuisine and culture on a national level is actually Canadian.

Machine Gun Preacher

The former hired gun for drug deals in cities dotted across the U.S., now wields an AK47 on missions of a whole different nature halfway around the world.

Eat What You Kill

The food in the South is superior to any other region of the country. It can also be said that no region of the country has seen its residents live off the land more than the South.


Growing up in a rural South Carolina church taught the NEEDTOBREATHE boys about faith and family, and instilled in them the roots of real Southern rock.