South Magazine - June-July 2017

Need4Speed: John Wilcher And His Muscle Cars

You may know John Wilcher from his campaign ads. You may know him from the way he was swept into the role of Chatham County Sheriff on electoral promises to clean up the county’s law enforcement.

Savannah Bananas, A Whole New Ballgame

The man who added pyrotechnics to Comiskey Park, let the White Sox play in shorts and spearheaded the infamous Disco Demolition Night would no doubt be looking down on the modern state of baseball in the south with joy.

Old Sparky, Georgia's First Electric Chair

Old Sparky now sits on display at the Georgia State Prison alongside other prison paraphernalia, including Old Sparky’s generator and photos from the filming of “The Longest Yard".

A Decade of Law

We’ve covered a range of legal goings on here in the lowcountry – lawyers held hostage, drug busts, executions, that flag flap – here are some of the best from the past 10 years.

The Deen's Welcome You to the Creek House

South’s first family is at it again with one of the greatest locations on the coastal south and some of the best lip-smackin’ recipes straight from the kitchens of Paula, Bobby and Jamie.

A Look at the South's Most Unforgettable Crimes

The South is a destination known for its charm, hospitality and sweet iced tea. Each year thousands of tourists visit to explore the rich history of Savannah and surrounding areas. Most leave with a pleasant taste of what the culture serves up. Despite the legendary tales and quintessential charm, there’s something else the South holds – plenty of secrets.

Judge Gregory Sapp

South turned the tables on Judge Gregory Sapp. His interrogation revealed his hobbies, his secrets and the quickest way to get thrown into jail.