South Magazine - June-July 2015

High Cotton Tanger

Tanger Outlets’ Chief Executive Officer, Steven Tanger, characterizes his firm as, “a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit. Founded by his father, Stanley, in 1981, the company opened shop with the country’s first outlet shopping center in Burlington, North Carolina. Tanger reminisced, “At that time, our long range plan was to make it to Saturday.

Youth vs Youthful

There is no need to hide your teeth behind a frown or be embarrassed by your smile. Dr. Kevin Dickinson improves the quality of his patients' lives through cosmetic dentistry.

Guide to Staying Young

Just because we are aging doesn't mean we have to look or feel old. There are many solutions to the aging process, and Dr. E. Robert Finger has been pioneering them in the Savannah area for years.

William Jay Society Annual Garden Party

The William Jay Society hosted their Annual Garden Party fundraiser at the historic Owens-Thomas House on June 3rd. Nearby neighbors 17Hundred90 Restaurant joined the society to host the event to help raise money for the young professionals arm of the Telfair Museums' family tree. Several donors provided raffle prizes for the guests, who were happily sipping on Mojitos and Dark and Stormys provided by Tony Chase from the newly opened Daufuski Island Rum Company. The mission of the WJS is to promote the Telfair Museum's goals and its commitment to developing awareness, understanding and appreciation of art.

The Souths Greatest Dads

Our readers nominated and fans voted for the South's Greatests Dads. Whether they're cradling us as babies, showing us the ropes of life or teaching us new skills to make it in this world, our dads should be celebrated. These great dads share ten tips on fatherhood.

Southern Rock and Style

He was the legendary founder of the now ubiquitous style of music known as Southern Rock. He co-founded Capricorn Records with Phil Walden and put great acts such as the Allman Brothers on the map. She was European royalty with a penchant for rock and roll.

Summer Forever

Some superstar singers like to live the way they perform – loud, proud, and for all the world to see. Their lives are an open book and their parties have an open-door policy. When they’re not recording or touring, you can find them wherever the action is.

Fashion Icon Settles In Savannah

Internationally renowned fashion designer, James Hogan, visited Savannah from his hometown of Boston in 1990 and decided to open up his Whittaker Street shop shortly after that. “I just love everything about living here and Southern women really get classical styles.


Kaylin Riney, 23, was juggling her studies at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and modeling jobs with two agencies when Rich Carnahan, the associate director of the Miss South Carolina International pageant, sent her an intriguing message on Facebook asking if she’d like to run for the title. The striking brunette with several tattoos and zero pageant experience was hesitant at first.

Souths Greatest Beaches

It’s high summer and the time is right for exploring the Lowcountry’s great beaches. From north of Charleston all the way down to south of Jacksonville, we call out some of the greatest shoreline destinations.

Gogo Ferguson’s Designs With Nature

Alligator toe bones, rattlesnake vertebrae and sea snails may conjure up some morbid thoughts for many, but not for Gogo Ferguson. This woman sees intrinsic beauty in organic forms that are essential to life.

Bourbon: It’s Not Just from Kentucky Anymore!

Traditionally speaking we would expect bourbon to be native to the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, but not today. Teaming up with local farmers in the Southern region of Charleston, South Carolina, David Szlam and Ryan Meany went to work to change that conventional mindset.

Urban Trends

For the past several years the numbers of people moving back into cities from the suburbs have been on the rise. The Census Bureau data shows that in 2013, 2.3 million more people were living in urban areas than in 2012. Brookings Institute demographer, William Frey told USA Today that the exodus away from the suburbs is being led by retiring baby boomers and young professionals.

Welcome Home

The South is full of rich history and beautiful architecture. We explored some of Savannah’s most historic buildings that are now home to some of the city’s greatest restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a classic Southern meal or something a bit more modern, there is something for everyone to enjoy in some of the most beautiful houses of the Hostess City.