South Magazine - April-May 2018

This Must Be the Place

With a dream and a whole lot of faith, Paula Wallace brought the esteemed Savannah College of Art and Design to Savannah. What started out as a “little art school” has turned into one of the prestigious in the entire world.


Sure, a good run always gets the heart pumping, but what about a 100-mile race? As an elite ultramarathon runner, Patrick Reagan has grown accustomed to pushing his body to the limit, and often does so in strides.

Urban Gardenin’

The art of urban gardening is taking root here in Savannah thanks to the help of Victory Gardens. What better way to be confident in what fuels your body than to know you grew it in your own backyard?

The Breakfast Club

You know by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Luckily for you, it can also be the best, especially with the help of these beloved Savannah breakfast spots.


Anyone can do traditional favorites, right? Lowcountry boil, shrimp & grits, typical Southern fare. However, a.Lure’s spin on the traditional is refreshing and creative. We call it the new old standbys. “It’s classic dishes, turned on their heads,” said a.Lure’s Samantha…

Gear Up for the Spring Trail Race at Serenbe

Run through Serenbe’s preserved forest, across a wildflower meadow and over the rolling Chattahoochee Hills. You’ll get a view unlike any other when you race through the 15 miles of trails that make up Serenbe’s 700 acres of pristine, preserved…

The Sound of Lyn Avenue

Reinvention is a good thing, particularly when it comes to the musical stylings of Savannah duo Lyn Avenue. Their latest EP “Never Been to Nashville” documents the group’s musical maturation.

Greatest Destinations 2018 - CHARLESTON

Charleston often sits pretty atop lists of the South’s best cities. Take one visit and you’ll understand why. The qualities that the Holy City has always been known for—the picture-perfect coastal setting, the rich history, and the amiable locals—have largely withstood the test of time. Mix…

Exploring Hilton Head Island’s Majestic Waterways

By virtue of being an island, Hilton Head is surrounded by water. But apart from and meandering in between the ICW along one edge and the vastness of the Atlantic to the other, the island is a treasure trove of…

Urban Renovators

Michael and Tommy Condon, the father-son duo behind Vintage Home Restorations, have been breathing new life into historical Savannah havens since moving down South from New England. We caught up with the team to see their restorative genius unfold with one of their latest projects: 1617 Vine Street.

Little Raccoon Key

South magazine recently tagged along for a girl’s glamping trip to a secluded, pristine island known as Little Raccoon Key. Champagne, massages, and chef-prepared oysters are just a few luxuries we found.


As a professional skydiver, Mike Brewer certainly knows how to take leaps of faith. His experiences in the sky offer ubiquitous stories of passionate dreaming, risk, loss, and achievement.

Model Mayhem

With her striking good looks and her veteran bona fides, Miss Lauren Young has quickly become an internet sensation. This former Army MP's relentless patriotism made her a perfect fit for Nine Line Apparel.


Keith “Kebe” Snyder turned to skydiving as a means of escaping his day-to-day dramas. Ninety-five jumps later, Kebe strapped a board to his feet and tried out the more advanced--and dangerous--discipline of sky surfing.

The Art of Being Yellow

Jesse Cole, the owner of the Savannah Bananas baseball team, is just as vibrant and colorful as his trademark yellow tuxedo. His new book, “Find Your Yellow Tux” encourages readers to embrace what makes them different.

Travelin’ in Style

In a world where travel is a necessity for many, there is one company that is setting the standard on how people move around the world.

Diamonds in the Rough

This local couple of “Superhosts” has taken Airbnb by storm. Their quirky and charming homes are truly without equal, with every square inch telling an incredible story—and that’s not even to mention their mini-horse Mars.