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Savannah Stay-cation Guide: Mansion on Forsyth

A stay-cation is the perfect way to get away while avoiding excessive travel and time commitments. Savannah’s Mansion on Forsyth hotel has everything you need to create a luxury escape here at home.

One Unexpected Way to Wipe Years From Your Face

This year has probably left many of us in need of some TLC, but did you know there's a non-surgical, no-needles solution to wrinkles, loose skin and undefined jawlines? It involves a trip to the dentist, specifically, Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Savannah Restaurateur, Johnny Baker Dies of COVID-19

One of the truly tragic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is how easy it can become to let your guard down. Many of us have either experienced first-hand or heard from a friend how sometimes you can test positive and…