Small Talk Style + Power 2020

A Sad Tail

A lost pet is every owner’s worst nightmare - or so they think. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come after a pet is discovered to be missing. In a race against the clock to rescue a pet from the fear of the unknown, the time may be ticking as they await demise on canine death row. It’s up to us to write a happy ending to a sad tale.

Immortalize Your Furry Baby

Beginning in high school, Savannah local Jenna Scott has quietly harbored a true love for painting and animals alike. For Scott, painting is an outlet from reality – sharing her work is personal, making her vulnerable. Now she shares her delightful work with the world!

Spellbound in Savannah

If you liked “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” you’ll love the the father & son duo's new novel, “Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss.”

100 Years of Delicious Memories

An iconic brand 100 years in the making, Leopold’s Ice Cream celebrates a century of steadfastly serving Savannah with a commemorative book as visually pleasing as their Rum Bisque is delectable.

I Like Your Style

Style isn’t a word you hear a lot during a global pandemic. After all, these are the sort of serious times where we try to boil our lives down to the things that really matter, the things that have substance. And most of us mentally define style as the opposite of substance.

Salt Marsh & Spurs

By the inspirational nudge of Lowcountry living, this Texan transplant isn’t quite ready to trade in her spurs, but has found a way to merge two Southern styles.