Live Music At The Alida Every Week in March!

Locals and guests alike are invited to join us for live music by some of Savannah’s favorite artists, every week from 6 pm to 9 pm. Live music will either take place at The Lost Square or The Trade Room

Drs. Christi and Pete Ghaleb / Family Medicine

Family Medicine of Pooler was established in 2010 and became the first direct primary care (DPC) medical practice in Savannah, Ga., in 2017. For Christi Ghaleb, M.D. and Pete Ghaleb, M.D., that ultimately means they get to spend more time with their patients without letting insurance companies get in the way. They love it, their patients love it, and they believe you will love it too!

“Monday 5 Things” ™….. RE’ing …..

There are moments when M5T’s come together quickly, almost spur of the moment. This week presented one of those moments that found its genesis at the end of my Sunday morning yoga session. Whilst prone on my yoga mat, I was pondering my back issues that continue to plague me, yet thankful, that for the second week in a row, I didn’t topple over at any point in the hour-long class. I opened my eyes to take in a brilliant cerulean Georgian morning sky with nary a cloud to be seen; my ears attuned to the gurgles of the Savannah River flowing along with other early risers walking or running about at the waterfront as the sun rose over the city. Our instructor read a quote that used alliteration emphasizing renewal. As I reflected on that passage through the day, this morning’s M5T was realized.

Where to Watch Super Bowl LV in Savannah

South has sussed out the safest places in Savannah to watch the big game this Sunday. Watch Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs defend their title against Tom Brady and Tampa Bay this Sunday at 6:30 p.m. EST.