Health & Wellness 2020

South's Greatest Health Professionals 2020/21

The greatest doctors in the South were picked by their peers as the Greatest in their field. Listed by specialty, these are the experts your physician calls when they want the best health care.

Movin' South: Upper East River Savannah

Brick by brick, part love letter to Savannah’s historic aesthetic, part forward-looking new urban masterpiece, Upper East River builds on a deep veneration of the Hostess City.

Battle Field Health

After enduring trial by fire, former military doctors David Sedory, M.D. and Chad Zehms, M.D. share their experiences treating broken legs of Afghani farmers and NFL players.

The Shot Heard ’Round the World

The first shot in a medical revolution was fired in Savannah, Georgia, kick starting unprecedented clinical trials designed to produce a vaccine to combat a global pandemic in record time. In the midst of a whirlwind year, history is in the making all around us – and right in our backyard.

Living a Balanced Life

Not having time should not be an excuse to put off living your best life. These two busy-bodies have the formula to living a healthy, balanced life.

Life Changing

For many children, a visit to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, is life changing. For Rylan Smith and Sophia Brooks, it meant a new lease on life.

South's Greatest Dentists 2020/21

No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, your smile comes with you. You want that smile to impress, so we tracked down the South’s greatest dentists who provide anything from simple cleanings to entire dental reconstructions.

Dr. Ryan M. Reeves - Dentist / Inventor

Dr. Ryan Reeves is not just a doctor, he is an inventor. He and his team at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry have helped to restore smiles to patients with extraordinarily innovative techniques.

Dr. Karen Cooper

Wellness starts with a smile! Dr. Karen Cooper brings her wellness philosophy to everything she does: from volunteer work, to personal health and to her award-winning practice, Smile Designs.

Oysters in the Blood

Luigi Paoli Maggioni traded life in a Milanese seminary for a life of oystering, just as his great-great-grandson Jeff Beasley has traded his guitar for oyster boats; and thus, the lore lives on.

The Big “O”

It’s that time of year! Excitement and anticipation swell at the “raw bar” section of a menu. Diners get a twinkle in their eye as they catch a glimpse of shells over ice. A salty aroma fills the air. When the months that end in “-er” come around, it’s oyster season in the South.

Family First

With so much going on this past year, maybe we can all agree to approach 2021 with a new outlook. When you have a chance to spend time with family, take it. The phone calls and emails will be there when you get back. 

Movin' South: Growth in the Garden

It's no wonder why former Gulfstream pilot-turned-developer Mike Jarrett poured so much attention to detail into this trio of luxury condominiums. After all, he was a pilot for one of the most luxurious private jet companies in the world.