South's Greatest Kids 2020

Voting is open for the South's Greatest Kids! Vote once per day until October 29th! Winners will receive a photoshoot with one of our award-winning photographers and and will appear in the Winter issue of South magazine.

South's Greatest Professional Photographers

South magazine held an online contest for the Greatest Professional and Amateur Photographers. With over 2,500 votes, we are pleased to share the top winners from the professional category.

Greatest Kids 2019

This year’s greatest kids spent the day at Oatland Island Wildlife Center and Bogey’s mini golf while they told us about their silliest stories, favorite foods, and hidden talents.

Boss Blueprint

How to Run a Successful Business. Plus tips on how to be a great boss.

Greatest Chefs 2019

Behind every good meal is a great chef; they are the invisible artists, working behind the scenes. Nominate your favorite chef for South magazine’s Greatest Chefs contest!

Greatest Pets 2019

Man's Best Friend can be South's Greatest Pet with the right amount of love. Enter your pet and get those votes! Limited to southeast Georgia and the Lowcountry. Voting begins June 10 and ends July 1.

Greatest Moms 2019

Southern mothers are like no others, pouring their souls into raising their children to be the best they can be. Tough as nails and graceful as swans, these southern moms tackle the challenges of motherhood with heart, dedication and love.

South's Greatest Dads 2019

When a knee is skinned, a dad is there as a medic. When a bike chain falls off a gear, a dad is there as a mechanic. When a child says they are thirsty, a dad is there to say “Hi, thirsty.” Here’s to the dads.

2018 Greatest Chefs

  See who won the Greatest Chefs Contest this year.    1. Bryce Knott of a.Lure Lowcountry Cuisine (5,812)   2. Chaz Ortiz of Chazito Latin Cuisine Restaurant and Food Truck (3,977)   3. Justin Grizzard of Ordinary Pub (2987)…