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South's Greatest Pets 2020

The winners of South’s Greatest Pets 2020 contest spent shoot day prepping their fur in hair and makeup and perfecting their puppy dog eyes and purrs, getting ready to make their big debut in the Lowcountry limelight.

South's Greatest Kids 2020

Voting is open for the South's Greatest Kids! Vote once per day until October 29th! Winners will receive a photoshoot with one of our award-winning photographers and and will appear in the Winter issue of South magazine.

Meet the Hometown Heroes of COVID-19

Everyone needs a hero at one point or another. Thankfully, the South has no shortage of heroes – our readers voted to let us know – throughout our communities that go to bat for us every day. Read about South's Greatest Heroes Contest winners of 2020.

South's Greatest Chefs 2020

South's Greatest Chefs 2020 The Lowcountry is known for its delicious Southern cuisine, and it's time to recognize our chefs of the South for their passion and hard work. Nominate your favorite chef for South magazine’s Greatest Chefs contest! Nominations are open and…

South's Greatest Pets 2020

South magazine is seeking the greatest pets of the South! Nominate your pet NOW through June 17th at midnight!

South's Greatest Amateur Photographers

South magazine held an online contest for the Greatest Professional and Amateur Photographers. With over 2,500 votes, we are pleased to share the top winners from the amateur category.

Greatest Chefs 2019

Behind every good meal is a great chef; they are the invisible artists, working behind the scenes. Nominate your favorite chef for South magazine’s Greatest Chefs contest!