Beyond Exceptional Dentistry

Dr. Brad Durham and Dr. Rod Strickland of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry are trailblazers in the field of cosmetic dentistry.  Both are graduates of the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute  for Advanced Dental Studies. Fellow dentists from across the U.S., and even other countries, come to Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to be trained in the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques. Dr. Durham also serves as a consultant, researcher, guest speaker and author.

Dr. Strickland, the inventor of the “facelift denture," trains other dentists in his procedures and attracts patients region- wide with his smile-renewing technique. Dr. Durham says, “the most rewarding part of our job is actually seeing lives change. One of the more unique aspects of our practice is that we use only our patients in our advertising. Their stories of dramatic life-change are what make what we do extremely rewarding."