Beetnix Superfood & Juice Bar and Dancing Dogs Yoga

In the heart of Downtown Savannah is a juice bar that is dedicated to making this town a happier, healthier place. Beetnix Superfood Juice Bar is located on Broughton Street, and its menu is full of raw, vegan, organic and gluten-free foods and juices. We recommend trying Buddha’s Greens cold pressed juice with a bowl of the Forbidden Pudding. They’re both amazing and will leave you feeling full and energized like never before. But Beetnix is more than just an eatery; it’s a lifestyle. That’s why upstairs, you’ll also find Dancing Dog Yoga Studio, so clients can not only nourish their bodies through food, but also through movement. Together, you’ve got a mind, body and soul rejuvenation experience

that is sure to change your life.

  18 E Broughton St