Author: Mindy Scarlett

Dr. Sidney P. Smith / Medical and Surgical Dermatology

The Georgia Skin and Cancer Clinic focuses on medical and surgical dermatology, as well as aesthetic services. The experienced medical team always serves their patient’s needs in a professional, caring, and personalized manner.

Drs. Scott Vann, Matthew McLeod, Barbara Davies, Luke Curtsinger / Plastic Surgery / Medical-Grade Skincare

Savannah Plastic Surgery was the first plastic surgery group in Savannah, Georgia. The practice was built on a strong history of service to the low country and our surgeons continue to earn the respect of our peers and the confidence of our patients. Dr. Barbara Davies, Dr. Luke Curtsinger, Dr. Matthew McLeod and Dr. Scott Vann uphold a foundation built on trust and a culture of listening to patients and working with them. Our entire staff reaches out to our patients to meet their every need.

​​10 Ways to Look Younger

​​10 Ways to Look Younger in The Ever Changing Landscape of Health + Wellness From South’s Greatest Doctors, Dentists + Chiropractors 2021/22

Dr. Matthew McLeod / Plastic Surgery / Migraine Surgery Pioneer

Savannah Plastic Surgery's Dr. Matthew McLeod specializes in cutting edge surgical and non-surgical approaches to facial aesthetics, body sculpting, breast enhancement, and breast reconstruction. He has advanced training in laser and energy-based technology for non-surgical rejuvenation.

Helping Coastal Georgia Age Well

Serving Savannah, Georgia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry, Coastal Care Partners is a locally-owned company that is changing the way the community ages, by offering the area’s only comprehensive, nurse-managed aging life care programs.

GoSouth: Outside is just the tip of the Iceberg

This April will mark the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic — in the early hours of April 15, 1912 — the majestic luxury liner whose tragic end resulted in an even more tragic Celine Dion song. 

South’s Greatest Dentists 2021/22

There’s nothing more Southern than a beautiful smile. We tracked down the South’s greatest dentists to get the latest on everything from simple cleanings to entire reconstructions.

South's Greatest Chiropractors 2021/22

More than just cracking backs, today’s chiropractors are leading the way in a new hands-on approach to pain management. With the dangers of some pain medications becoming clearer, there’s never been a better time to hop on the table and get your health in alignment.

FOX & Friends Weekend Cohost Pete Hegseth to Host Miseducation of America Summit, Shares Views on Military and Media

FOX & Friends Weekend cohost Pete Hegseth, in addition to being a veteran, is also a high-profile advocate for veterans. Prior to joining FNC, Hegseth held the position of CEO for Concerned Veterans for America. Previously, he was an infantry Captain in the Army National Guard, and has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay. He holds two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantryman Badge for his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. South's contributing editor, Mindy Scarlett caught up with Hegseth for a quick Q+A.

Don McGraw’s Quest for Tybee Island’s Freshest Catch

The coastal south has been a destination of choice for those moving from big cities or moving away from heated political climates. Don McGraw is one such man. But when he made the decision to move, he also put his money where his heart was; In the restaurant business. When McGraw takes on a project, he’s all in. So when he moved to Tybee Island, Ga., and opened up Coco’s Sunset Grille, it only made sense that he needed his own shrimp boat. as luck would have it, one of the region’s greatest shrimp boats was prime for new ownership.

Destination Dining

From Charleston to Savannah, the coastal south has experienced a food revolution in the past decade attracting top chefs from around the country putting their expertise to work while embracing southern recipes. These destinations are worth the drive.

Legal Eagles 2021: McManamy Jackson Hollis, LLC

When it comes to residential real estate law, McManamy Jackson Hollis, LLC build trusting relationships with agents, lenders, and homebuyers to make sure closings proceed efficiently. By exemplifying customer service and providing open lines of communication with all parties involved, they have established a strong reputation for smooth closings and seamless transactions.

Legal Eagles 2021: Mike Conner, Conner Law Group

Conner credits his father as the main inspiration in his life, watching him sacrifice for his family while working hard, yet always making time to ensure Conner and his sister were always pointed in the right direction. It is upon this foundation that Conner has built his life, faith and career.

Legal Eagles 2021: Stacey Goad, Goad Law, LLC

From bond hearings to jury trials, Goad’s criminal defense law firm provides aggressive legal representation. “My clients inspire me. People who are unjustly treated and falsely accused inspire me,” said Goad. “Good people victimized by a broken system inspire me. My hope is to make a difference for as many people as possible.”

Legal Eagles 2021: Dyches Law Group

South Carolina and Georgia leaders in the know consistently describe Don Dyches as the “secret weapon/rainmaker” who helps make large development deals happen in the coastal south.

Legal Eagles 2021: The Bowen Law Group

In a world where the reputation of lawyers hovers somewhere between used car salespeople and members of Congress, two men–united by fate– are fighting back against the perception that lawyers are boring, stuffy, and care more about billable hours than the needs of their clients.

Grant's Handcrafted Collection: Propelling Handcrafted Perfection

Who knew that a shared experience in college would morph into an international business? George Grant and Paul Hawkins passionately create eclectic art pieces from recycled aviation, automotive, and naval components. From aircraft propellers to V8 engine blocks, Grant and Hawkins keep artistic innovation at the core of their work. With intentional placement of furniture and decor, the duo is taking upcycling to the next level.