Author: Lauren Flemming

Meet the Hometown Heroes of COVID-19

Everyone needs a hero at one point or another. Thankfully, the South has no shortage of heroes – our readers voted to let us know – throughout our communities that go to bat for us every day. Read about South's Greatest Heroes Contest winners of 2020.

Tybee Island: The Quirky and Eccentric

Tybee is the ultimate oasis to escape the normal routine and embrace the quirky and eccentric. Unmarred by corporate influence, the island is a place where beach bum is a lifestyle – while the waves may not be wicked, the good vibes certainly are.

Looking Back: Transformation of Plant Riverside District

We take a look back at the progress of Kessler's latest addition to the Savannah Riverfront. The JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District had a long, unprecedented journey from the 1912 Riverside Power Plant to hospitality powerhouse in 2020.

Face Masks: Fact or Fiction?

In times like these, plenty of misinformation and hearsay is floating around out there. Controversial claims spread like wildfire, or like COVID-19 itself (too soon?). Here at South, we’ve examined a few points about face mask use and regulation that need clarification. After sifting through studies, infographics, posts, and reports, we’re here to reveal what’s fact and what’s fiction.

Jekyll Island: Explore Georgia's Golden Isles

To visit Jekyll Island is to engage in centuries of unique history and discover thousands of acres of protected wildlife habitat. From lounging on romantic beaches to conquering 20 miles of trails — and everything in between — Jekyll Island is the perfect escape.

COVID-19: How a Georgia Biotech Company is Fighting Back

This Georgia State Senator beat coronavirus. Now, as doctors and scientists around the world are working to develop a vaccine, Dr. Lester Jackson's working for a cure at a local biotech company — and their solution may surprise you.

Bring Your Fantasy Adventure to Life with Expert Adventures

The South offers a wealth of wilderness, ready to be realized. Derek Adams, our 2020 “Face of Adventure” has adventure in his blood, making electrifying experiences accessible for anyone with his charter and tour services. Adams brings generations of hands-on expertise with the duly named Expert Adventures.

5 Things You Can Do While Social Distancing in Savannah

Everyone can agree that public health and the wellbeing of our neighbors is a priority, mandated restriction or not. In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 but also to support the things that make Georgia great, here is a guide to staying sane while social distancing in Savannah, GA.